5 Ways to Stay Hydrated this Summer

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When summertime rolls around it seems like everyone has water on their minds—usually water in the form of lakes, rivers and oceans—but not necessarily the kind in their cups. Although splashing around in the waves can be great exercise and a lot of fun, it’s just as important to focus on getting water into your body.

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Whether you’re looking to cool off, prevent dried skin and chapped lips or you simply want to keep cravings in check, consuming enough water is crucial for a healthy lifestyle.

Tallying up your water intake each day doesn’t have to be a chore. Get excited to hit your goals with the following are five simple ways to ensure you’re getting those ounces in.

1. Invest in a reusable water bottle

With the right tools, drinking enough H2O to keep you hydrated can be super easy (and fun!). A shiny new water bottle may be all that you need score enough sips. Opt for a BPA-free option, such as the Lifefactory Reusable glass bottle, which comes in various colors.

Once you have your bottle, use a permanent marker to mark your intake goals for the day. For example, write 2 p.m. on the middle of the bottle to show how much you need to drink by that time. Use rubbing alcohol to remove the marker when you’re ready to advance your goals!

2. Download a helpful app to assist you

If you prefer a dual approach, or just don’t want to physically tally your water intake, you can download the Daily Dozen app.

A bonus of using this app is that it’s a great guide to plant-based eating as well. Following the food suggestions in this tool can help ensure you’re staying hydrated simply by being reminded to eat more whole foods like fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Since many of these foods are water dense, consuming them is another great way to increase your fluid intake without relying solely on water.

3. Get creative

No one said you had to drink plain old water to hit your goal. Experiment with delicious combinations like adding a fruity mix of pineapple and mint. In the mood for a refreshing and crisp beverage? Add some basil leaves and sliced cucumber to your water pitcher. Want a tangier option? Opt for lemon slices and strawberries. Switch up the combos each week and you’ll never get bored! Still not a fan? Here are five more tips for staying hydrated if you don’t like to drink water.

And if you think your water can only come from a cup—think again! A great way to get more fluids in is to make homemade ice pops. You can also fill an ice cube tray with your favorite fruits such as watermelon, berries, grapes and oranges for a refreshing cold treat.

4. Set reminders

Hectic schedules can easily get in the way of your goals—no matter how excited you are to achieve them. Use your phone to set alarms to drink water. Even a single alarm will help you to work toward your intake goal.

If you prefer pen and paper, embrace the sticky note! Whether on your desk, refrigerator or the dash of your car, leaving yourself a simple visual can be a powerful reminder to drink up!

5. Check the toilet

Evaluating your hydration doesn’t require a series of expensive lab tests. It can be as easy as peering into the toilet after you urinate. You’re looking for a pale-yellow color. If it’s too clear, you’re drinking too much. If it is too dark, you’re dehydrated. Make sure to check the color every now and then to assess your hydration, then either add more water or cut back a bit until you see the pale-yellow color.

Do you have any tips for making sure you’re getting enough water every day? Share your favorite techniques in the comments below!