8 Dog Safety Tips for New Year’s Eve

by | Updated: December 20th, 2019 | Read time: 3 minutes

3-2-1 Happy New Year! New Year’s Eve means champagne, fireworks, parties—it’s one of the most exciting nights of the year! But, sadly, not for your dog. The noisy and boisterous festivities will likely cause him stress and anxiety. Fireworks, in particular, have been known to make our furry friends fearful. Whether you’re getting glam and hitting the town or watching the ball drop from the comfort of your couch, here are a few tips to help Rover relax throughout the celebrations.

Keep Your Dog Safe on New Year's Eve

1. Exercise. During the day, take your dog to the park or on an extra-long walk. Give him a good workout and let him exert energy by playing fetch and running around with other dogs. With any luck, your fur-baby will be too tired to notice the nighttime commotion and sleep right through it.

2. Stay inside. Unless you live in a rural and very quiet area, it’s best to keep Rover indoors on the last night of the year. Dogs have been known to bolt and run away when they hear loud noises, like fireworks. If your dog is a runner, remain inside.

3. Keep the party to yourself. This probably goes without saying, but if you’re throwing a party, keep your pup away from decorations and favors such as streamers and noise makers. Alcohol, which can pose a serious health threat to animals, should also be avoided. Appetizers and desserts? If you don’t know for sure your dog’s body can process the food you’re eating, don’t share it with him.

4. Play music. When played at a comfortable volume, music can help soothe your pet. Play classical music (or your pooch’s favorite movie) loud enough to drown out outside sounds, but keep the volume low to prevent additional tension.

5. Distract with toys. Even if Santa just brought Rover a bunch of toys, make sure he has something new to hold his interest, even if that means yet another new dog toy. If you’ve got a treat ball or puzzle, fill it with frozen treats — just freeze peanut butter, pumpkin or unsweetened apple sauce for a few hours before giving it to your dog. The frozen deliciousness will keep him occupied!

6. Make a hiding spot. Does your dog have a favorite hiding space or nap area? Whether it’s a crate, closet or a corner of your bedroom, make that spot extra comfortable with blankets and pillows so your fur-baby will feel safe and secure.

7. Give love! Snuggle, cuddle, give kisses—do whatever your dog needs to relax. This is not a time to withhold love. When you feel down, doesn’t a hug from a loved one give you comfort? Try petting your pup with long, slow strokes on his back. This will help calm him and ease his anxiety.

8. Spray with calming mist. If you’ve got a Nervous, Furry Nelly, this natural, homemade calming spray is sure to help.

Calming Spray for Dogs


6-10 drops lavender essential oil
4-8 drops chamomile essential oil
8 oz. water


  1. In an unused spray bottle, combine all ingredients.
  2. Spray mist over dog’s bed and blankets. You can also lightly mist directly over dog.