Ancient German Weight Loss Secret


by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

I’m not a Benz or Beemer kind of girl—my favorite German import, by far, is the Almased Diet, a low-glycemic shakes-and-broth plan that’s supposed to shed serious poundage. And actually, for me, it has…as long as I don’t use my Almased shakes to wash down donuts. The Almased powder is a combo of yogurt, honey enzymes and non-GMO soy (yes, that does actually exist). These ingredients plus a proprietary fermentation process make a tub of Almased powder exactly what you want to have in your cupboard on the day you wake up from your Christmas cookie binge and think to yourself, “I have hit rock-bottom and scale-top.”

Shake It Off With Almased

Don’t think you’ve been stuck under a rock if you’re thinking to yourself, “Alma-what?” I only know about Almased because it’s a top seller here at To be totally honest, I looked at the ugly yellow packaging and 1980s font and thought, “People actually buy this??” Then I read the 600+ customer reviews and decided it was worth a shot. Almased has a decent taste that becomes even more decent if you mix it with almond milk and fruit and maybe a little unsweetened cacao powder. You’re supposed to drink it as a meal replacement three times a day (every four hours, to stave off hunger).

The other thing you can drink is vegetable broth. (I go for the low-sodium organic from Pacific Natural Foods and doctor it up a bit with paprika or Cheyenne.) That’s not a very exciting part of the plan, but the hot liquid combined with all the protein from the shakes makes hunger a non-issue.

Are you supposed to eat this way for the rest of your life? No. At least, I couldn’t do that; life is too short to live on Almased alone! But for a few weeks to detox from that endless string of candy, butter cookies, wine and other holiday fare that lasts October 31-December 31? Sign me up!

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