Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan – 1 Week. 35 Healthy Recipes.

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Swelling with questions about inflammation? Let’s chat. Inflammation happens within your body on a daily basis. It’s not necessarily good or bad. Physiologically, it is important for the immune system. It’s part of the body’s protection mechanism against infection. Inflammation in terms of immune response is acute inflammation, think short term. Chronic inflammation, inflammation over a long period of time that may be damaging to the body, can be caused by several factors; poor diet quality, stress, certain diseases/illnesses, environmental factors, in addition to some other factors.

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Foods that can contribute to unwanted inflammation include those high in trans-fat, refined carbohydrates and excessive alcohol intake. It is a good guideline to consume things like fried food, foods made with high volumes of white flour or sugar, sugary drinks and fats like lard in minimal quantities. To help reduce chronic inflammation seek to include foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and foods high in omega-3 fatty acids into your diet regularly. It is important to note diet alone is not the key to keeping inflammation at bay. However, nourishing your body with the right foods goes a long way toward your supporting total health and immunity.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet: A Week of Meals










Whole grain toast topped with smashed avocado and hemp seeds

Power Bowl: hard-boiled egg slices, quinoa, riced cauliflower, chia seeds, and turmeric

Blueberry spinach smoothie with Greek yogurt and ground flax seed

Cottage cheese with peaches and diced walnuts, and cinnamon

Whole grain flax waffle topped with peanut butter and strawberries

Savory overnight oats with unsweetened almond milk, dill, tomato and diced olives

Cold brew latte blended with banana and flax milk + hard-boiled eggs

Mid-Morning Snack

Kiwi slices Celery sticks 1/3 cup walnuts

Sunflower butter + banana slices


Hard-boiled egg + sugar snap peas



Pumpkin seeds + pomegranate arils



Zucchini roll ups with hummus and olives


Jicama sticks + guacamole


Tuna and cucumber basil bites


Sunflower seed chickpea salad with green onions, roasted radishes + garlic and olive oil dressing

Strawberry beet smoothie with ground flaxseed and Greek yogurt + side salad

Cucumber, hummus and tuna roll ups with olives and feta cheese

Lemon garlic zoodles + salmon with roasted red peppers




Freekeh stuffed eggplant with feta, herbs and olive oil drizzle

Shrimp spring rolls with kimchi, cilantro, mint and walnut sauce



Rosemary garlic bulgur wheat salad with chia seeds, tomatoes, and yellow squash


Vegan red lentil curry with turmeric + flax crusted veggies

Ginger roasted salmon + root veggies with avocado dressing

Baked tilapia with chia pesto + roasted brussels sprouts



Crispy flaxseed chicken tenders + basil spinach salad

Broccoli sweet potato tuna casserole + roasted kale crisps

Turkey tacos with mango, purple cabbage and avocado


Eggplant lasagna with cashew Ricotta, roasted peppers and onions

Evening Snack

Roasted carrot “fries” + hummus

Pumpkin seeds + bell pepper slices

Freeze dried strawberries + string cheese

Chia seed pudding  with kefir and topped with blackberries

Cottage cheese topped with walnuts and apple chunks

Butternut squash crisps roasted with olive oil topped with nutritional yeast

Fruit and frozen Greek yogurt in graham cracker flax crust