How a Dietitian Uses Her Blender to Make Things – Other Than Smoothies!

Elizabeth Vennefron

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Many of you, like myself, probably woke up to a fancy new kitchen appliance on Christmas morning. Or maybe you invested in one  during the pandemic, with good intentions of cooking more at home. Today, I’m going to breakdown one of the most cherished kitchen appliances – the blender.

For those of you who have had a trusty blender in your kitchen for years, you know how versatile and deserving it is to have a spot on the kitchen counter. Whether it was a much-anticipated gift or a surprise, you will quickly come to find out what a blessing a blender is.

Concept of Creative Blender Uses Represented by Spinach Leaves Being Tossed in Glass Blender on Kitchen Counter |

Blenders were first created back in 1922, by Stephen Poplawski with a simple blade at the bottom of a container. Since then, blenders have evolved into several different varieties with varying price tags. The containers now come in plastic, glass or stainless steal and can even match your kitchen décor. They also come with different speeds and attachments making them multi-use.

One of the main reasons why people avoid preparing more homecooked meals is because of how long it can take to chop ingredients. A blender can chop, puree and blend in seconds which takes a lot of the time and energy out of cooking. For individuals looking to incorporate more fruits, vegetables and other nutrient dense foods into his or her diet, a blender is a must have!

Blenders can be used for more than just shakes and smoothies. Here are a few other ways you can use your blender while also expanding your cooking skills.

4 Creative Blender Uses 

1. Soups

One of the beautiful things about homemade soup is that you can use fresh produce, canned goods or even produce that is starting to go bad. You can incorporate just about any fruit or vegetable into your soup as you want as the blender will tear right through them. Of course, you’ll want to make sure ingredients have been chopped down small enough to fit.

Soups also are a great way to sneak vegetables into your kid’s meals. Try out this Beet Borscht, packed with essential nutrients and fiber, with a dollop of Greek yogurt on top. Or, cook up a pot of this Green Pea-Hummus Blender Soup, which can be made in just 10 minutes.

2. Sauces/Pesto

Jarred sauces can be pricy and have a lot of hidden sodium and sugar. Making your own marinara or BBQ sauce puts you in control of the flavor and nutritional value. Cloves of garlic, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and other nutrient dense foods can be blended down into your own sweet or spicy concoction.

Watch as your blender transforms carrots into a creamy sauce for Cucumber Nachos. You could also blend up this Vegan Blender Pasta Sauce and enjoy with your favorite noodles.

3. Dressing

Making your own dressing can significantly reduce the amount of sodium, fat and sugar you consume with your salads. Store bought dressings are notorious for being high in all three and can make a super colorful, nutrient-dense salad much less nutritious.

Dress your deeply colored greens with this Creamy Avocado Dressing. Don’t worry if you make too much, just pour what’s left into an air-tight jar and store in the fridge for later in the week.

4. Batter

Waffles, pancakes, muffins, you name it! Simply toss in all your ingredients, blend until incorporated, and pour. Not only is this going to prevent a sore wrist but whipping up your batter in a blender is going to create more air and therefore a fluffier product. Sweet breakfast items such as these can be doctored up with nuts and seeds to increase the nutritional value.

Get your kids involved and make one of their favorites – Animal Crackers. Or, whip up some of these grownup Gluten-Free Keto Waffles for yourself!

Whether you’re looking for new ways to create old faves or simply wanting to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, a blender is a great appliance to invest in. A healthier year starts with the food you put into your body. Simply changing the texture and adding additional flavors can transform produce into your favorite or something a little more barrable.

With that said, on your mark, get set, blend!