Buying Foods in Bulk: Stock Up & Save Money

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

As we get closer to the winter holidays, many of us are making our shopping lists ““ and checking our bank accounts as well. What can you do if you want to save money while eating healthy? We’ve got the scoop on the answer: Buying in bulk.

Whether you’re stocking up for Thanksgiving or want to have a wealth of goodness for those after-school snacks year-round, here are some great deals in the bulk virtual aisle at Vitacost.

From cinnamon to cannellini beans, you’ll find all your bulk food favorites at Vitacost.


Spice is nice – and it’s even nicer when you can save money! One of our all-time favorite spices is cinnamon, especially around the holiday season. Add a dash to coffee grinds to make them special, sprinkle on apple sauce or even stir into your morning oatmeal. You can buy it in bulk from Starwest.


Candy is dandy   – and chocolate is the best! If you’re stressed about calories, try cacao nibs. These healthy treats can satisfy your desire for chocolate. Nibble between meals, stir into plain yogurt or try slicing bananas, rolling them in nibs and then freezing. You can buy them in bulk from Frontier Foods.

Soup Mixes

Whether you’re seeking soup as the base for a big stew or want a cuppa soup with a sandwich at lunch, purchasing in bulk is a great way to go. Try Frontier Chicken Broth or Onion Soup.


You can save money by making your own tea, using Frontier tea bags and various loose herb teas. Alternatively, invest in a mesh tea ball. For bulk teas, there’s a variety to choose from, such as green tea.


We can’t talk about tea without chatting about coffee! For those of us who feel like a day without coffee is like a day without a smile, we’ve got bulk coffee from Jim’s in flavors like Dark Roast Sweet Love and Italian Roast.


When it comes to money-saving food ideas, go big and bold with beans. Protein power plus fiber equals a winner. Try Bob’s Red Mill beans in bulk in varieties ranging from Pinto Beans to Fava Beans.