Carrot Fudge With Tahini-Maple Sauce

Maria Marlowe

by | Updated: May 12th, 2018 | Read time: 2 minutes

Zucchini bread. Sweet potato brownies. Pumpkin pie. It’s already been proven that vegetables belong in dessert. Lucky for you, it’s these long-established favorites that have paved the way for carrot fudge. This treat uses coconut butter to create the rich flavor and texture you expect from fudge. It’s then sweetened with maple syrup, cinnamon and a whipped, creamy topping. Made from nothing but love and whole foods, this veggie dessert most certainly belongs on your plate.  

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Carrot Fudge

8 oz. carrots (about 3 whole)
1/4 cup coconut butter
2 Tbsp. maple syrup
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. vanilla extract

Tahini-Maple Sauce

1 Tbsp. tahini
1 tsp. maple syrup
1 tsp. filtered water


1 can (14 oz.) full-fat coconut milk, chilled
1/2 small carrot, grated
2 Tbsp. walnuts, finely chopped


1. Grease a medium-sized baking dish (6” x 6”) with coconut oil.

2. Fill a large pot with about 1 inch of water. Place a steamer basket over top and bring to a boil over medium heat.

3. Meanwhile, peel the carrots and chop into 1/4-inch thick “coins.” Once water is boiling, place carrots in steamer basket, cover and steam 10 minutes, or until easily pierced with a fork.

4. Add carrots to a blender with coconut butter, maple syrup, cinnamon and vanilla. Blend until a smooth puree.

5. Pour puree into prepared baking dish and refrigerate for 2 hours.

6. To make the tahini maple sauce, add tahini, maple syrup and filtered water to a bowl. Using a fork, whisk together until smooth, about 1 minute. Cover and place in fridge until ready to serve.

7. Once carrot fudge is set, remove from fridge. Slice into 16 even squares.

8. Top each square with a spoonful of coconut cream, skimmed from the top of the can of coconut milk. Drizzle tahini maple sauce over coconut cream.

9. Add grated carrots and walnuts, if desired.


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