5 Helpful Tips for Paleo-Friendly Dining

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

If you think consuming a paleo diet means you’re forced to live (and cook) in a bubble – the reality is quite the contrary. As much as I love cooking, I also enjoy dining out on a regular basis – and I’ve made it work.

Paleo-Friendly Dining Options | Vitacost.com Blog


Yes, it does take a bit of creativity, confidence and comfort to ask the server to make modifications; but in the end, if you’re putting it in your body, it should be something you want to consume and feel comfortable eating. If you’re polite and gracious while asking the server to make changes and substitutions, they stand only to earn a better gratuity for being all the more accommodating! Here are my five effective paleo-hacks no matter the cuisine, price range or location:

Peruse the menu and find what you like

After reading the description, isolate what you can’t eat. For example, if you fancy a filet mignon, but it comes with a Gorgonzola sauce, order it without.

Look for veggies and be creative

If you see a spinach omelette on the breakfast menu (even if it’s dinnertime), it means the restaurant has the leafy green in-house. In lieu of a side of fries with your grilled chicken, ask for a small plate of steamed spinach.

Skip the starch

Instead of rice, pasta or bread, ask for double veggies.

Understand the gray area

A perfect example of this is if there is a baked chicken option on the menu, but you can’t be sure it’s free-range, it’s still a better option than the chicken Parmesan, which is breaded and doused in cheese.

Call ahead

If you’re uncomfortable asking questions in front of business colleagues or friends, you can always call ahead and ask what menu items would suit someone who cannot eat gluten, soy and dairy. These days, restaurants tend to take food allergies very seriously.

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