DIY All-Natural Carpet Freshener Powder

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Carpets are hard to keep clean. Whether it’s your pets, kids, husband or even yourself, someone always seems to be spilling something, creating crumbs, tracking in dirt or otherwise messing up that cozy cushioned layer covering your floors.

While plenty of carpeting cleaning products exist, they’re often loaded with chemicals you don’t necessarily want settling into a surface your family walks and sits on, not to mention filling the air.

Woman Vacuuming Dirty White Shaggy Rug With DIY Carpet Powder | Vitacost Blog

Luckily, it’s easy to make your own carpet freshener powder with natural ingredients you probably already have on hand. Though this homemade mixture doesn’t guarantee removal of the toughest of stains, it does work for light stains and can be a great way to freshen an area after other products have been used to remove bigger stains. It’s also good for addressing musty smells or odors in general.

The main ingredient of this DIY recipe is baking soda, which is well known for its ability to deodorize and to lift dirt and stains. Beyond baking soda, it’s very customizable. Lavender buds or essential oils can be used (lavender is not only a powerful scent, it also has antibacterial properties). Other ideal ingredients include lemon peel, also known for its fresh smell and disinfecting properties, and orange peel, simply for its classic bright and clean scent.

This recipe calls for essential oils only, but if you have dried herbs, definitely add them in. If using herbs, grind them first – a few pulses in a coffee grinder should do the trick.

How to make carpet freshener powder


2 cups baking soda
15 drops lavender essential oil
15 drops lemon essential oil 


1. In medium-sized sealable jar or container, mix together all ingredients. Add lid; shake well. (Note: A recycled Parmesan cheese bottle works well for a container.)

2. To create shaker top, remove lid and place heavy paper on jar; tape in place. Screw on lid, then poke holes for powder to be dispensed.

3. To use, dust powder over carpet and let sit for several hours or overnight. Vacuum up powder.

Bonus tips for keeping your carpet clean in between carpet refresher use:

  • Always remove shoes before walking on carpet. Keep pets off carpet, if possible.
  • If you have a natural spray freshener, spritz it on your carpet occasionally to keep it smelling fresh.
  • For stains, blot first. Press a dry towel into the spill until all liquid has been absorbed. This should significantly decrease permanent stains.
  • For rugs, maintain them by occasionally taking them to the dry cleaner for deep cleanings.
  • Regularly change your home’s AC filter. When air filters become dirty and clogged, dust, dirt and particles are more likely to circulate through the air. Filters should be changed every 90 days, or 60 if you have hairy pets.