DIY Non-Toxic Drain Cleaner

by | Read time: 1 minute

Making your own drain cleaner that’s free of toxins and chemicals is simpler than you may think. Plus, there’s a good chance you probably already have all the ingredients to make it in your pantry. The items in this recipe are commonly used for a variety of natural cleaning jobs. It just so happens they work great to unclog your drains, too!

Use this DIY mixture instead of commercial drain cleaners for a less toxic home, and be sure to share this natural cleaning tip with everyone you know!

Sponge and Scrubber in Sink Simmering with DIY Non-Toxic Drain Cleaning Solution |

1/2 cup baking soda
1/4 cup regular salt or sea salt
1 cup of distilled white vinegar


  1. In small pot, heat vinegar over medium-high heat for around one minute. Remove from heat immediately when you see tiny bubbles form (do not boil).
  2. Pour into glass jar or measuring cup and set aside.
  3. Pour baking soda and salt directly down drain, followed by warm vinegar. Warning: You may see some foaming action along with not-so-lovely things come out of the drain! Resist the urge to rinse the area and let it sit for 15 minutes or even 20-30 for extremely clogged drains.
  4. Run hot water for a full minute.
  5. Rinse well and enjoy your clean drain—completely chemical-free!