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Sponge and Scrubber in Sink Simmering with DIY Non-Toxic Drain Cleaning Solution | Vitacost.com/Blog March 6th, 2018

DIY Non-Toxic Drain Cleaner

Transitioning to a less toxic home? Adopt this 3-ingredient method to use during your cleaning routine for unclogging drains. Free from harmful ingredients, this solution will ensure your drain is up to snuff in no time.

Clean Outdoor Grill | Vitacost.com/Blog June 7th, 2017

DIY Natural Grill Cleaner

Did you unveil your barbecue only to find gunky residue on the grill grate? Try this DIY baking soda-based cleaner to scrub the yuck away. It takes just three ingredients to make and five simple steps to use.