Fennel Seed Fever


by | Updated: December 2nd, 2016 | Read time: 1 minute

People joke about the crazy things they carry in their purses…well, you know what I’ve got in my purse? A tiny bag fennel seeds. I chew on them all day long. For one reason, I love the flavor—delicate, spicy-sweet, nutty, kind of like black licorice. But I also love the way they keep my breath fresh (fennel is an ingredient in some natural toothpastes, like Auromere’s). At my favorite Indian restaurant, there’s a small bowl of fennel by the exit; you can spoon some into your hand to make sure that baingan bharta you just ate went down the right way. My favorite TV doc just featured these seeds as an “anti-bloating” solution, as well, so great minds think alike!

Fennel Seeds
As a veteran dieter, of course, one of my absolute favorite things about chewing fennel seeds: it means you’re not chewing anything else! (Like food.)

But if you are hungry, you can certainly cook with fennel; this is one spice every foodie knows about. It’s got such a unique, delicate flavor, and it has a way of perking up sauces and stews, and adding a little texture to salads and breads.

What crazy & healthy things do you have in your purse or pocket?? (Would you be surprised to hear that in addition to fennel, I’ve got a little bottle filled with coconut oil?) Tweet me at @AnitasJourney or comment below!