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My twin sons’ preschool teacher, Stacy, was telling me the story of her amazing daughter Lucy. She explained that it’s always been “talk to the hand” with Lucy, as in””she’s totally in her power, in a good way. Stacy doesn’t have a worry in the world that her 13-year-old won’t stand her ground, now or ever.

“Where are my blue sweatpants?!” Lucy yells on a regular basis, as her mom rolls her eyes and thinks to herself, “All you wear is blue sweatpants””so you’ve got about ten pairs!”  
“Wow, she’ll wear sweatpants?” I asked incredulously.   I was impressed, as I’ve seen my share of 13 and 14 year olds “needing” to get dressed to the nines to go to CVS, complete with makeup and  flat-ironed hair (and then curling the ends!? I never understood that one, but I digress).
“Oh yeah,” Stacy went on, “Lucy’s been like this from birth. Even before birth! Very in her power.”

I asked her to explain.

“From 33 weeks on, it was false labor””running to the hospital, contractions, steroids to keep her in, on and on.   She was tough even in utero. Then I had an emergency C-section, and they thought we both had meningitis. So we both had spinal taps right after her birth.

I was lying in bed afterward, on pain medication, and the hospital decided to call me right then to ask what her name was, for her birth certificate. We named her after my husband’s grandmother, Lucilia, and so I said, or rather slurred, “˜Luccceeelleeelllia.’ And that’s what it says on her birth certificate. Or something like that.”

“You didn’t change it?” I asked.

“Naw,” she explained. “Lucy had me goin’ from day one. I didn’t have time! I hadda be on my toes.”

Nature vs. nurture? Here’s one vote for nature.

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