Game of Scones: The Ultimate GoT Finale Watch Party Menu


While Daenerys slays, in the kitchen we play (until Sunday at 9 p.m. ET, that is!). HBO’s hot-as-dragon-fire hit, Game of Thrones, is about to air its final farewell. Each electrifying episode has left us in complete disarray – like seriously, WHAT IS HAPPENING NEXT, HBO!? From zombie battles to campfire powwows, GoT really knows how to pull in an audience.

While you’re sitting on the edge of your seat watching this nail-biter on Sunday, consider snacking on these GoT-themed treats for a sliver of comfort.

Close-up of Vegan Coconut Scones |

1. Game of Scones

Enjoy a vegan coconut scone with a spot of calming tea to chase your worries away. Dust with shredded coconut for a snowy, Winterfell-approved treat!

Serve these scones >

Homemade No-Bake Raw Vegan Snowball Cookies |

2. Jon Snow-ball Cookies

These no-bake bites are ideal for emotional eaters with a sweet tooth that simply can’t be ignored! While you’re dreading the next main-character death, munch on these blissful, raw vegan cookies that will give you enough energy to march from Kings Landing to Castle Black (I mean, who wouldn’t want to go see Tormund again, anyway?).

Go for snow >

Top View of Tart Filled With Summer Squash | Vitacost Blog

3. Brienne of Tart

Winter came, but winter didn’t conquer. Rejoice with this summer squash tart, which we strongly believe would be Brienne of Tarth’s favorite dish.

Bake with Brienne >

Slice of Lemon Cake with White Chocolate Glaze |

4. Sansa’s Lemon Cakes

If you didn’t know these were Sansa’s favorite treat, then are you even a fan? Sweetened with applesauce, our take on the Lady of Winterfell’s favorite lemon cakes includes a shiny white-chocolate glaze. We’re unsure about Sansa’s views on gluten, but if this protein is a concern for you, rest assured these cakes are gluten-free!

Snack like Sansa >

Easy Cauliflower Cheese Sauce in White Bowl |

5. Khal-iflower “Cheese” Sauce

Khal Drogo may be long gone, but we still think he’s pretty snack-worthy (swoon!). In the spirit of the beloved Dothraki stallion, enjoy this dairy-free “cheese” sauce, which pairs well with chopped veggies and homemade tortilla chips (just the way the Khal would have wanted!). You can also drizzle this dip over macaroni for more of a late-night meal.

Dip me, Drogo! >

Hot Oat Bran Cereal

6. Oat Bran Cereal

The Three-Eyed Raven, or Bran Stark, has the ability to see all our past blog posts – including this recipe for hot bran cereal, which is made with sweet coconut crystals. Perhaps it’s not the typical late-night go-to, but it’s certainly Bran-approved – and who are we to argue with the wise one? We suggest topping it with chocolate chips and a spoonful of nut or sunflower seed butter for a better-for-you, dessert-like treat.

Enjoy breakfast-for-dessert with Bran >

Overhead View of Raw Kale Detox Salad with Lemon Wedges and Parsley on Dark Wood Table |

7. Kale-eesi Detox Salad

We joke that if Dany was a raw vegan, she’d refer to herself as: Daenerys Saladborn of the House Tarragon, First of Her Name, the Uncooked, Queen of the Apples and the first of Cavemen, Kale-eesi of the Great Spirulina Sea, Breaker of Grains and Mother of Dragon Fruits.

Celebrate the queen’s alter ego with a delicious detox salad to add balance to the smorgasbord of aforementioned sweets.

Kick it with Khaleesi >

Homemade Raw Vegan Superfood Cheesecake |

8. King Slayer Cake

Notoriously known throughout Westeros as “king slayer,” Jamie Lannister loves layer cakes. Well, we actually don’t know that for sure – mostly because we’ve never seen him eat – but who doesn’t? After all, a Lannister always pays his debts with desserts! Prepare this colorful, no-bake confection a few hours in advance so you can indulge in all its frozen glory during the final episode.

Give him a hand >

Overhead View of Herbal Homemade Tea With Chamomile and Rosehips on Light Blue Wooden Table |

9. Sleepy-Time Tea-rion

He drinks tea and he knows things. There’s no doubt the ending of this episode will leave you with goosebumps, tears and a minor case of anxiety. Enjoy a mug of sleep-inducing tea to prepare your body for some much-needed, post-Thrones shuteye.

Hurry the herbs >

Elyssa Eaton

Elyssa Eaton is a plant-based health and wellness enthusiast, and 200-hour registered yoga teacher, who spends most of her time slicing, dicing, blending and munching on colorful fruits and veggies. Inspired by a zero-waste lifestyle, Elyssa is often found out and about with a mason jar, glass straw and bamboo utensils in tow. If you’re into smoothie bowls and rainbow salads, check her out on Instagram @elyssaeatonfresh.