Gifts for Pets: 16 Holiday Ideas for All of Your Furry Friends

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Our furry (or scaly or feathery) friends provide comfort, companionship and hours of entertainment. What better way to repay them than with a gift for the holidays? Although you may enjoy some indulgences during the festive weeks, our pets should stick to a nutritious diet and get plenty of playtime and exercise to keep them in top shape. That’s why sticking to healthy pet gifts is a wise choice.

Dog with Santa Hat on Sofa Sniffing Wrapped Gifts for Pets Box

Pets need nutritious treats, active and stimulating toys, grooming essentials, comfy beds and lots more to be at their best. The best pet gifts will help you be a better pet owner, too, providing essential needs for your animal pal.

Your four-legged friend might be the most fun family member to shop for this year, especially with many options for a healthy, active pet. Since your pet likely can’t let you know what they wish for this year, to help narrow it down, we’ve provided a list of the top healthy pet gifts you can find.

The Best Healthy Gifts for Pets 

Ethical Pet Products Spot Knot-For-Nothin’ Dog Toy

Every dog needs a collection of fun and engaging toys to help burn off energy, provide mental stimulation, and satisfy the innate desire to chew. Ethical Pet Products Knot-for-Nothin’ dog toys have a knotted rope body designed to be chewed on and are easy for your pet to pick up and carry around. The toy’s head provides a fun squeaky sound for an interactive experience that dogs love. The toy comes as an orange tiger, a gray elephant, or a brown monkey.

Ethical Pet Products Spot Knot-For-Nothin' Dog Toy in Three Assorted Animal and Color

Halo Purely For Pets Liv-a-Littles® Protein Treats for Cats & Dogs

Wild salmon and chicken protein treats from Halo are perfect for a household with both a cat and a dog. These high-quality treats make a great gift as a tasty protein boost for your pet. They’re made from quality natural ingredients: freeze-dried wild salmon or marinated chicken breast. You can serve them as a single treat or crumble them into food to enhance the flavor.

Halo Purely For Pets Liv-a-Littles® Protein Treats for Cats & Dogs Wild Salmon

Aspen Pet Petmate® Crazy Circle Cat Toy

Most cats love the thrill of a chase and anything that moves fast enough to keep just out of reach. Stimulate your cat with the Crazy Circle. It’s a fun and engaging cat toy with a ball and bell inside a track that allows your cat to chase and poke them in pursuit of their “prey.” This toy gives back, too, since you’ll have a blast watching your cat play.

Aspen Pet Petmate® Crazy Circle Cat Toy Small

Giovanni Eco Chic Pet™ 2-in-1 Pet Shampoo & Conditioner Oatmeal & Coconut

Most people love a richly scented, cleansing, and smoothing hair care product that leaves their mane feeling fresh and soft. Pets deserve this feeling too, and Giovanni, a salon-inspired natural hair care brand for people and pets, provides this with their line of pet shampoo and conditioners. The Oatmeal and coconut scent is warm and tropical, working to remove odors, moisturize itchy skin, cleanse, detangle, and even help reduce dander. Treat your pup to a spa day with this gift.

Giovanni Eco Chic Pet 2-in-1 Pet Shampoo & Conditioner Oatmeal & Coconut

Codeage DNA Pet Happy Immunity Organic Mushroom Powder for Dogs

Healthy pets are happy pets, and that’s why Codeage DNA Pet Happy Immunity Mushroom Powder for dogs is an excellent gift for your four-legged best friend. The mushroom supplement is formulated specifically for dog health and provides a mix of seven different organic mushroom species in a powder form for easy mixing into food. Inside, you’ll find maitake, cordyceps, turkey tail, shiitake, reishi, chaga, and phellinus extracts in a certified organic mushroom complex.

Codeage DNA Pet Happy Immunity Organic Mushroom Powder for Dogs

Riley’s Organic Dog Treats Small Peanut Butter & Molasses

Peanut butter and molasses combine in these organic dog treats from Riley’s to provide a tasty, healthy snack for your dog. You’ll be amazed at the quality of ingredients in these treats, just whole foods, including organic peanut butter, organic oat flour, organic oats, organic peanut flour, and organic molasses. With this dog-friendly option, your dog doesn’t have to miss out on cookie time.

Riley's Organic Dog Treats Small Peanut Butter & Molasses

Bach Rescue Remedy Dropper Stress Relief For Pets

Everyone needs some stress relief now and then, including your pets. Whether your pet gets anxious with visitors, in crowds, or on vet visit day, Bach Rescue Remedy for pets is a natural and safe choice that you can offer to help relax and calm your animal friend. Rescue remedy for pets is safe for cats, dogs, birds, horses, and lizards. Essences include Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, and Cherry Plum, all chosen for mental stress relief.

Bach Rescue Remedy Dropper Stress Relief For Pets

Codeage DNA Pet Happy Sleep Liquid Supplement For Dogs

Let’s be honest, most of us could use more restful sleep, and the same can be true for our dogs. Dogs often need some help settling down if they’re in a new place or overly excited. Codeage Happy Sleep Liquid for dogs contains sleep-promoting ingredients such as melatonin, vitamin E, whey protein, phospholipids, and phosphatidylcholine. What’s more, the supplement is made with a creamy smoked bacon flavor your dog will love. Your pup will be catching extra zees in no time.

Codeage DNA Pet Happy Sleep Liquid Supplement For Dogs Bacon

Three Dog Bakery Pet-zel Bites™ with Real Peanut Butter Filling Dog Treats

Dogs tend to love peanut butter, but it’s not always practical to give them. After all, it can be very messy and impractical. Three Dog Bakery bakes up yummy pretzel bites for dogs filled with natural peanut butter. A delectable treat for your pup with no added salt, artificial flavors, or colors. Other ingredients include malted barley and hearty wheat flour.

Three Dog Bakery Pet-zel Bites

Tierra Mia Organics Sham-Pup Pet Soap Bar

A wonderful smelling bar of hand-crafted soap is high on most people’s wish lists for a gift, so why should your pet be any different? Terra Mia Organics makes a raw goat milk soothing soap that helps clean and deodorize while soothing hot spots and dry skin. The soap is free of DEA, perfumes, synthetic dyes, and harsh chemicals and packed with skin and fur-loving ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, brewer’s yeast, raw honey, beeswax, arabica coffee, and almond and tea tree essential oils.

Tierra Mia Organics Sham-Pup Pet Soap Bar

The Honest Kitchen Wishes® Fish Filets Dogs & Cats Treats White Fish

Another delectable snack suitable for cats and dogs is The Honest Kitchen Wishes white fish treats that provide plenty of protein and healthy omega-3 fatty acids without preservatives or fillers. A seafood snack provides the same nutritious health benefits you enjoy when eating fish. These snacks are human-grade, contain no animal feed-grade ingredients, and are made in a facility for human-grade food consumption. This means the treats are safe enough that you can eat them, but we don’t recommend you do!

The Honest Kitchen Wishes® Fish Filets Dogs & Cats Treats White Fish

Icelandic+ Large Lamb Horn Dog Treat

Improve your dog’s teeth and gum health with this impressive large lamb horn designed to be chewed on for hours. The horn is fully digestible and safe for dogs to eat, containing no additives, preservatives, or supplements, only natural lamb horn. The horn lasts a long time, even for voracious chewers, and helps remove plaque and tartar buildup for pearly white canines.

Icelandic+ Large Lamb Horn Dog Treat

Petsport USA Dog Fetch Toy

Every dog needs a fetch toy, and Petsport USA makes an excellent one made from an industrial-strength fire hose. This fetch toy provides hours of fun and exercise for you and your pet while you teach them to fetch and return. The toy floats on water for fun at the beach and is available in two sizes to fit your pet’s needs.

Petsport USA Dog Fetch Toy Red

Fruitables Pumpkin Puree for Dogs & Cats

If you enjoy all things pumpkin, let your dog or cat in on the festive flavor with canned pumpkin puree for pets. It’s a high-fiber superfood that can be mixed into regular meals to increase nutrients and antioxidants A, C, and E for healthy digestion. You can whip up your own dog treat creations using this canned pumpkin as well by mixing 1 cup of pumpkin with 2 cups of whole wheat flour and 1 egg, rolling out and cutting into small squares, and baking for 30 to 35 minutes at 350 degrees F. You can also try adding peanut butter and cinnamon for more flavor.

Fruitables Pumpkin Puree for Dogs & Cats

Mammoth Iguana Toy

No dog can ever have enough toys, especially one as invitingly cute as this iguana. Its body is made from cotton blend rope designed to help floss your pet’s teeth as they chew. It’s sturdy enough for strong chewers, and the iguana shape is ideal for playing gentle tug-of-war games with your dog.

Mammoth Iguana Toy Medium

ECOS For Pets Hypoallergenic Conditioning Shampoo Lavender

Another calming, relaxing gift for your pet is conditioning lavender shampoo from ECOS. You can use this wash to massage your furry friend into a deeply relaxing state while boosting the health of their skin and coat. Ingredients include lavender, vitamin E, and oatmeal which helps provide shine while reducing dryness and itching. Perfect for your pet’s bedtime routine.

ECOS For Pets Hypoallergenic Conditioning Shampoo Lavender