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Shift Your Mindset from Anti-Aging to Healthy Aging With These Tips

Approach aging with strength, positivity and grace. Learning more about which daily choices are most conducive to long-term wellness increases our odds of extending not just life span, but more importantly, health span – the years in which we are blissfully free of chronic illness. With the right daily habits and mindset on aging, your senior years can be the best ones yet.

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A Natural Health Expert Says These 7 Supplements are Best for Healthy Aging

A healthy diet and supplements can be beneficial at any age, but for aging adults, they can play an especially important role in helping to maintain overall health and functionality. Which nutrients and supplements are most important for promoting healthy aging? Learn some of the most essential supplements to add to your diet and wellness routine.

Supplements to Assist

Own Your Beauty

Beauty exists without comparison or age. Aim to confidently own your beauty and celebrate any age, shape or complexion. The best beauty routine is the self-care you give to your skin, hair and body out of respect and love. Explore tips and products to care for your unique birthday suit whether it’s shiny with youth or radiant with vintage charm.

Move Your Body

It’s Never too Late to Start! 7 Fitness Tips for Anyone Over Age 50

You may not be as fast, flexible or firm as you were when you were 20, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on fitness as you get older. Follow these tips to get (or stay!) in shape if you’re over age 50.

Does Exercise Improve Memory? Here’s What the Science Says.

Brain games, eating certain foods and getting enough sleep can help promote cognitive health. But does exercise improve memory? Here’s what the science says.

Exercise and Aging: How Staying Active Boosts Your Health Over Time

Exercise will help you maintain both physical and mental health as you grow older. This, in turn, can have a positive effect on your overall quality of life for years to come. Even if all you can commit to is 30 minutes daily, the benefits of exercise cannot be overstated.

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4 Top Herbs for Menopause Support (and Other Forms of Natural Relief)

When your best efforts at a healthy lifestyle aren’t staving off symptoms of menopause, consider a natural approach for relief before heading the medical route. Here are four of the top herbal forms of assistance — and five ways to combat the big M’s discomforts organically.

A (Healthy) Appetite for Life

Creamy Collagen Smoothies

Green Apple Collagen Smoothie

A quick blend of zero-sugar Reserveage Collagen Candy powder with apple, lemon, cucumber and spinach creates a nutritious smoothie that tastes just like those little sour candies from your childhood!

Pear-Oat Collagen Shake

This oatmeal-inspired blend-and-go beverage is loaded with nutrients. Made with pear, oats, avocado and collagen peptides, it’s sweet, filling and will keep you feeling – and looking – your best.

Greens and Berries Keto Collagen Smoothie

Add Codeage collagen to your keto smoothies for a nutrient-dense meal that your skin and joints will love! This antioxidant-rich recipe covers all the bases when it comes to nutrition, flavor and fullness.