How to Make Your Favorite Winter Drinks Healthier

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Plain coffee and tea are great standby hot beverages. But why not spice up your sipping this winter by incorporating some of the season’s favorite flavors?

The holidays are a time to slow down and enjoy, and the following ideas fully embrace our “all foods fit” approach. If you prefer to avoid added sugar, simply reduce the amount, replace it with your favorite go-to sweetener, or nix it altogether. Also feel free to sub out higher fat ingredients for low-fat or fat-free options. For our dairy-free friends, nut milks and cream alternatives (such as Nutpods or classic canned coconut milk) are great substitutes that allow you to partake in the fun while honoring your dietary needs.

Blue Mug with Cocoa and Marshmallows on White Table to Represent Healthy Winter Drinks |

Healthy Drinks to Make This Winter

Coffee and tea

Skip the overpriced coffeehouse drinks and whip up these creations on slow weekend mornings or for holiday gatherings. Sensitive to caffeine or prefer to indulge before bed? Swap out regular coffee for decaf or a coffee alternative like this dandelion chicory beverage for around-the-clock sipping.

Did you know that cinnamon can support healthy blood sugar? Consider Cinnamon Infused Coffee for more stable energy the next time you need a pick-me-up or a post-holiday meal drink.

For a caffeinated twist on a Christmas classic, check out this Gingerbread Coffee Latte. It’s perfect for dipping with cookies – or break the door off your gingerbread house – we won’t say anything!

What’s more warming than the spices of chai, including cinnamon, clove and ginger? Dairy-free eaters and dairy lovers alike will enjoy this Dairy Free Slow Cooker Chai Tea.

From sweets to alcoholic beverages, a little indigestion during this festive season isn’t all that uncommon. Soothe your stomach with this DIY Digestion Elixir.

Hot Chocolate and more

Cocoa is extremely versatile and pairs well with, well, just about anything! Try one of these twists on the classic cozy drink next time you’re warming up from a snowy adventure.

Vegans, the dairy-averse, and just about anyone will enjoy this Vegan Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate. Incorporating a unique milk alternative like coconut milk can bring an extra level of deliciousness. Top off your mug with vegan marshmallows for fun.

If you’re a fan of peppermint, be sure to try this Slow Cooker Mint Hot Chocolate.

Adventurous sippers will enjoy the Mexican hot chocolate and coffee fusion in this Chili Spiced Mocha drink. Omit the coffee for a more kid-friendly version, unless it’s Christmas Eve, then they might be up anyway.

For a unique seasonal drink, try this Molasses Steamer with Cinnamon. With just four ingredients you’re likely to already have on hand, you can whip up this cozy and nutritious beverage for any occasion.

Ciders and apple drinks

Tea and cider fans will love this Autumn Spiced Tea – a nutritious combination of apple juice, tea and spices for a warming, fruity drink. Try it iced for warmer days or as a cocktail base.

Few holiday flavor combos stand up to cranberry and orange! For a sweet, nutritious party beverage, check out this Warm Cranberry Orange Cider. This one will be a hit with everyone, even at the kids’ table.

With just three ingredients, this Apple Chai-der packs a major punch, fusing the flavors of cider and chai for the ultimate holiday beverage. Even better with farm-fresh cider!

This year, we could use some holiday cheer more than ever. Gatherings will be smaller and many of us won’t make it “home for the holidays,” but we hope these holiday treats are like a hug-in-a-mug for you and yours.