How Exercise Benefits Your Sex Life

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Staying in shape not only helps you to look good, but it can also spice up your sex life. When you look good, you feel great—and that feeling of confidence can carry over into many areas of your life, including under the sheets. Beyond physical appearance and self esteem, there are many ways regular exercise helps support sexual health. Here are five connections you may not have considered.

How Exercise Benefits Your Sex Life

Light up your libido
Most of us are aware that exercise triggers the release of feel-good chemicals known as endorphins. Besides creating a happy, euphoric feeling (you may be familiar with the term “runner’s high”), reducing pain and helping to control appetite, endorphins are involved in the release of certain sex hormones—which can increase libido and help heat up your sex drive.

Flow with it
Regular exercise also leads to improved flexibility. Yes—being able to stretch and move freely has obvious benefits in the bedroom. But flexibility is also important for artery health and blood flow. Healthy circulation, as you may know already, is important for healthy sex.

Pep in your step
Adding workouts to your daily routine will increase your overall energy level, which can come in especially handy for healthier sex. How many times have you dragged through a day, crawled into bed and fallen asleep before your partner’s head even hit the pillow? Get up and get moving, and you’ll feel better throughout the day, with energy leftover to play at night.

Strong & sexy
Building a strong body may lead to a stronger sex drive. When you strength train (using weights) just two to three times a week, you’ll support naturally increased levels of human growth hormone, which helps promote healthy energy and libido.

The long run
If cardiovascular training – running, cycling, swimming or aerobics – are part of your routine, you’re regularly causing your heart to race and blood to flow to all the right places. In addition, you’re improving endurance, another important aspect of a healthy sex life.

Trainer tips:

For a complete sexual health workout, don’t forget to do your kegel exercises. Strengthening your pelvic muscles is easy to do and can be done anywhere (even while you’re driving or sitting at your desk!). Simply tighten your pelvic floor muscles, hold for three to five seconds and repeat.

Nutrition counts, too!  If you’re eating a poor diet that leaves you sluggish and fatigued, your sex life will likely suffer. Keep everything in working order by consuming a healthy diet of complex carbs, legumes, lean protein, fruits and vegetables. Almonds are a terrific nutrient dense snack rich in trace minerals including zinc which support libdo and sexual desire. Vitamin C in citrus fruits or in vitamins is also important for strengthening blood vessel walls.*

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