How to Comfort Older Pets When They’re in Pain

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by | Updated: December 12th, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Pets age at a rate much faster than we do. And my dogs are getting old. That’s the sad truth of it. Charlie, my 11-year-old dog, has a herniated disk in his neck, and the cantankerous 12-year-old dog, Toby, is down to nine teeth. Nine teeth, the majority of which do not touch each other, making his food choices decidedly minimal. With this retirement home of canines in my midst, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to help my dogs when they are in pain.

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Always, and I do mean always, seek the advice and care of a veterinarian to ensure that any discomfort your pet may be experiencing is not caused by an untreated illness. Once you’ve established that the aches and pain are due to the blessing of having reached a ripe old age, you can help your senior pet stay comfortable with a few simple steps.

Keep your furry family member healthy and strong by giving him high quality vitamins and supplements formulated for older pets. From hip and joint care for your aging German shepherd to a multivitamin for your 15-year-old tabby, it is easy to find safe and effective pet supplements masquerading as tasty treats that they’ll actually eat.

It’s also important to give your senior pet a comfortable place to sleep. Sure, when you brought her home as a puppy she would run through the house until she collapsed on the floor, but now she needs a cozy spot to rest her head at night. Always make sure your pet’s bedding is clean and free of hazards like foreign objects, tears or loose filling, and fleas.

Finally, don’t neglect your pet’s dental needs, lest you end up with two dogs missing the majority of their teeth, like I did. All it takes is a few minutes a day to give a quick scrub with a pet safe tooth paste to help preserve your pet’s teeth as well as help prevent heart and liver disease. You can also help promote dental health with cat or dog treats made to keep teeth clean and help improve gum health.

Your pet as been an unyielding companion to you for many years. Return the love and show your gratitude by making their twilight years as comfortable as can be. They would do it for you (Okay, maybe Toby wouldn’t do it for me, because that dog hates me, but you get the idea).