How to Manage Cravings for Bread When You’re Dieting

by | Updated: December 2nd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

We all have an Achilles’ heel when it comes to dieting. Some people can stay on their weight loss plans until they get a whiff of peanut butter — and then they dive into the jar until they find themselves scraping the sides. Others can resist all temptation unless they’re confronted with creamy, cold, sweet ice cream — and then there’s no stopping.

Managing Bread Cravings


But for some dieters, that pretty bread basket spells DANGER! Comforting, chewy bread tastes so good, and seems so innocent – and then you find yourself smoothing the fifth layer of butter on the fifth slice of toast and realize: You derailed from your diet.

Here are our top tips for managing your beloved bread when you’re on a diet:

Wheat-Free and Gluten-Free Options

Whether it’s celiac disease, a sensitivity or your personal taste, you may need or want to set a goal of avoiding wheat and other substances containing gluten.

Try it and see if you feel fine with just one serving with a healthy option such as Ener-G Light Gluten Free Tapioca Loaf or even make-your-own Bob’s Red Mill Wonderful Gluten-Free Bread Mix.

No Bread Options

But is going gluten-free the answer for you — or do you feel that you do better bypassing bread completely?

If you decide to ban bread, try these tips:

  • Lettuce wraps make a low-carb, low-calorie substitute for bread while adding vitamins, fiber and minerals. Try a sturdy choice such as Romaine lettuce.
  • Slice raw zucchini the long way and make a “sandwich” that’s full of nutrition and crunch.
  • Use low-carb crackers made of cheese such as Kitchen Table Bakers Aged Original Parmesan Crisps.
  • Try gluten-free crackers that are all-natural, such as Foods Alive Organic Flax.