DIY Honey-Lavender Burn Salve

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Essential oils are extremely powerful for overall healing and wellness. A couple in particular are ideal when it comes to treating burns, such as tea tree oil and lavender essential oil. In Dr. Axe’s recent book, Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine, he shared a 2015 study that reported that the inclusion of tea tree oil in burn treatment reduced swelling from UVB exposure. This represents a promising approach to topical treatment of inflammatory disorders and wound healing.

Burns occur from exposure to heat, steam, hot liquids, chemicals or the sun. The correct treatment depends on the severity of the burn. Severe burns can destroy all layers of skin and even damage muscles and underlying fat; these kinds of burns need immediate medical attention. Natural therapies can help with healing wounds and decreasing pain associated with burns. Certain natural remedies also may reduce the risk of infection and help an area heal without scarring.

Try this olive oil and honey-based homemade burn salve. It’s infused with lavender to naturally soothe burns and help calm and disinfect inflamed injury areas.

Glass Jar Filled with Homemade Honey and Lavender Essential Oil Burn Salve |
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DIY Honey-Lavender Burn Salve



  1. In glass jar, combine honey, olive oil and lavender essential oil.
  2. Spread mixture over burn or wound generously. Cover injury site with dressing or adhesive bandage.

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