Inside the Mind of a Non-GMO-Obsessed Mom

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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

When I first started this journey into eco-friendly, organic, non-GMO living, I said, “I wont go overboard or anything. Just a few brand changes, no big deal.” Three years later, I’ve turned into an obsessive label reader and a from-scratch stickler! But it doesn’t cut in to my free time or anything…kinda…sorta.

Non-GMO Mom

7 a.m.: Oh shoot, I forgot to make the kids’ lunches last night. And I’m out of organic apples. What will I put in their lunch for a fresh fruit? I have those non-GMO apple chips. They’re dried but at least I know they aren’t Frankenfood full of pesticides. I’ll pour the kids a bowl of Gorilla Munch and organic milk for breakfast. They better be brushing their teeth up there!

9 a.m.: Okay, the kids are off at school. I have two hours until Pilates. I can eat, write a little, and vacuum before I have to leave. The organic, cage-free eggs are almost gone but I can get more on the way home from class. Maybe I’ll just have a protein shake instead, I did just get that new non-GMO pea protein powder. It’s vegan and non-GMO. Double whammy! Put two point up on the score board for me!

12 p.m.: Lunch time. I hope the kids aren’t trading their lunch for some food-coloring filled yogurt and a candy bar. Great, now I’m all stressed again. I need to start taking yoga gain. Breathe. Ooh, a text. Do I want to meet for lunch? Of course I want to meet for lunch, but not at that new falafel place, those things are going to be fried in GMO oil and slathered with hormone-filled tzatziki. I wonder if Erin will meet me at the vegan restaurant again, at least I know they use safflower oilSigh. Eating away from home is so complicated.

3 p.m.: Snacks. I need after school snacks that the kids can eat on the way to karate. Better grab those KIND bars and toss them in the car. I hope the kids forgive me when the planet is full of plastic wrappers.

6 p.m.: The kids are complaining that they want pasta with butter…again. Ugh! I wish they didn’t eat that kind of stuff at friends’ houses. After all of the trouble I go to trying to keep their bodies from being little science experiments. Little Ingrates. I suppose I could send food with them on playdates, but no, I don’t want to be “that mom”. 80/20 rule, deep breaths and the 80/20 rule. I’ll make organic black bean taco bowls…again.

9 p.m.: Phew! The kids are finally asleep. I never made it to the store today and I still don’t have any organic apples for the kids’ lunches. Maybe I have some of those organic non-GMO applesauce pouches, instead. If I hurry and pack the lunches there’s still time for a good book and cookies!