Java Joy: Vitacost Launches Blissful Coffee Line

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Some people remember the first time that they drove a car, got a dog or stayed up all night. One of my most memorable moments: My first cup of coffee! I was in my first year of college at UCLA and invited to the local cafe by a senior (wow!). I doctored up that brew with cream and sugar, took a deep breath, and sipped. That heavenly taste of rich, creamy coffee captivated me. And although I don’t remember the name of the guy, I definitely remember the flavor of that brew. I’ve been a coffee queen ever since.

You’ve never tasted coffee this good! Fill your cup with Vitacost Brew today.

So when I learned that Vitacost was launching a new line of coffees called Vitacost Brew, I was delighted to serve as the Diet Diva Dunker. Ready to get the dish on your choices?

Colombian (organic, ground): A mild brew, Columbian coffee is ideal for a mid-morning break or as an accompaniment to lunch.

Breakfast Blend (organic, ground): What’s perfect with pancakes, cereal or toast? Our breakfast blend brew! Its mellow flavor goes well with any food or is ideal on its own complemented by almond or soy milk.

Campfire (ground): A medium-body brew with a touch of sweetness reminiscent of chocolate and caramel. No surprise this coffee is superb for cuddling around a campfire, especially when paired with a warm, gooey s’more.

Not sure what blend is right for you? Consider the following information for help:

  • Medium roasts have somewhat bittersweet flavors. Our breakfast blend is an example.
  • Dark roasts have more bitterness and less acidity. Our French and Espresso blends are examples.
  • Flavored coffees have added ingredients to provide you with sweet tastes of vanilla or hazelnut, as our brews do. They don’t have added calories unless you pour in cream or sugar.

What to add to your coffee:

Want to sweeten your coffee? If you’re a sugar lover, try Woodstock Farms Organic Pure Cane Sugar. Seeking to minimize calories? Try Best of All Stevia Calorie-Free.

Like to add milk or a dairy substitute to your coffee? Consider Living Harvest Hempmilk for something different. To blend with that vanilla coffee, accentuate the vanilla flavor with Blue Diamond Vanilla Almond Milk.

Something extra: Add zero calories but lots of flavor to your coffee with Sweet Leaf Sweet Drops in flavors like hazelnut.