Keep Your Fitness Groove Moving Into Your 30s

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

It happens to most people, typically around their mid-thirties. You find your fitness groove and stick with it for a while — maybe for several years — until one day you hit a wall. (One more spin class and the wheels are going to fall off!) Sound familiar?

iStock_000024782666XSmall_JNL-thirties fitness slumpProps to you for being wise enough to establish a solid exercise routine, but you may suffer down the road. It sounds backwards, but hear me out. For the last 10 years you’ve done the same workouts over and over.  Though you’re doing the healthy thing by exercising regularly, your mind, body and spirit are missing something.

That something is change. Stepping out of your comfort zone presents a healthy dose of challenge which will transform you from the inside-out. I know what you’re thinking. Your thirties are already full of challenges, including a new marriage, a new house or a new baby. With a few tweaks to your routine, you’ll be able to resurrect your fitness groove and power through this third decade.

The current reality: You’re bored at the gym.
How to adapt: Enjoy a different type of exercise. Mix in yoga or martial arts. Trying a new class or new type of exercise will awaken your fitness spirit. Plus, you’ll ignite different muscles, helping to build strength all over.

The current reality:  You just got married and spending time as newly weds wins out over time in the weight room.
How to adapt:  Workout with your partner. You don’t have to hit the gym, necessarily. Go for long, romantic walks or ride your bike to a local restaurant instead of driving. Seek out an adventure that you can do as a couple. These activities together will help you bond and only make your relationship that much stronger.

The current reality: You’re trying to conceive.
How to adapt: Body weight can affect fertility, so make sure you’re as healthy as possible before becoming pregnant. Grab some weights to start building muscle. The extra strength will come in handy when you’re carrying an 30 extra pounds every day for nine months. Plus, regular exercise can help keep hormones in check. And, of course, don’t forget your prenatal vitamins!

The current reality: You just had a baby.
How to adapt:  Shed the baby weight by exercising while she’s napping. I also encourage you to invest in a jogging stroller — it was a life-saver for me! Being active with your little one is not only beneficial for you but also instills healthy habits for them to follow as they grow up.