Marvelous Meals for Hot Weather

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

Seems as if it was just yesterday that we were bundling up to protect ourselves from those winter winds and storms. Now we’re rolling out the red carpet to greet summer’s sunny days. The challenge for cooks: What to make when it’s hot outside. It’s so tempting to head to the fast food drive-through for something easy and quick ““ but you know better than that! So what to do? We’re glad you asked. Here are our favorite tips for warm weather menus:

Keep the stove turned off! Make a salad with leafy greens, fresh veggies and all-natural dressing for lunch or dinner. Click here to try Bragg Organic Viniagrette.

Breakfast: Hot oatmeal is great when it’s cold. But  it’s downright unappetizing when it’s already hot outside at 8 am! We’ve  got great grains to fill the bill in the cereal category. For example,  gluten-free Enjoy Life Perky’s Crunchy Flaxâ„¢ Cereal is delicious and filled  with fiber. Try with almond milk and fresh strawberries. Another favorite:  Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 ® Cinnamon Raisin Sprouted Grain Cereal, which is  so delicious that it also makes a great before-bed snack.

Snack time: A milkshake or iced cappuccino at that café is tempting you? Bypass that café and have an even more delicious option at home by making your own delicious smoothie! Just blenderize two  cups of almond milk, like Blue Diamond Natural Almond Breeze ® Smooth &  Creamy Unsweetened Chocolate flavor; one cut-up banana, two tablespoons of  chocolate whey protein powder, such as MRM 100% All Natural Whey Protein  Powder and ½ cup of Greek lowfat yogurt. Add more almond  milk if you like it thinner or add ice. Experiment with adding protein  powder or different fruits. Don’t you love summer?!

Lunch: Bring on the leafy greens! Romaine, butter  lettuce, green lettuce, spinach leaves and escarole make a fabulous salad  base. Pile on the sliced tomatoes and mushrooms and top with olives, which  ontain healthy fats, such as Mediterranean Organic Pitted Kalamata  Olives.  And for protein, top with delicious beans, such as Eden Foods Organic  Black Beans. On the side: Munch happily on Boulder Canyon Rice & Bean  Snack Chips.

Dinner: Here’s the time of day when you’re tired and  really don’t feel like cooking. And when it’s hot outside, it’s even more  tempting to go for that bucket of fried chicken. Solution: Keep what you  need on hand, so that you don’t have to head out to the store after a  long, hot day. For example, keep pre-cut salad greens in the refrigerator and serve with Simply Asia Rice Noodle Soup Bowls. Choose a healthy salad dressing, such as Bragg Healthy Salad Dressing.  Another option for dinner: Tuna or salmon with sliced tomatoes and steamed  vegetables topped with delicious Tillen Farms Pickled Crispy Asparagus.  For your fish, choose a sustainably caught choice, such as Wild Planet  Wild Albacore Tuna.

Dessert: Screaming for ice cream? Here’s a trick  that we love. Use gluten-free ice cream cones, such as Let’s Do Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones and spoon in vanilla Greek yogurt. Freeze until yogurt is the consistency  of soft ice cream. Tastes like the real thing, but with more protein and  half the calories!