5 New Ways to Exercise with Friends

by | Updated: December 12th, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

By now, you’ve learned that having a workout buddy helps to keep you accountable and motivated. And though working out with a friend can certainly be fun, the weekly gym dates and lunchtime power walks can start to feel pretty routine and boring. For your next get-fit buddy session, use these five ideas to bring variety to your workout.

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1. Train each other

Take accountability to the next level by becoming each other’s trainer. Alternate creating new exercise routines and lead each other every other session. To get new ideas, browse magazines, social media and blogs that offer fitness advice.

2. Think outside the (gym) box

Grab your friend and discover new ways to build up strength outside the gym. Come up with a physically challenging activity that neither of you have experienced to try a few times a month. Rock climbing, either indoors or outdoors, is an awesome workout that shapes communication skills as well as overall physical fitness. If you’re both animal lovers, try horseback riding through a trail to work on core and lower body strength. Or why not an aerial yoga class? The possibilities here are endless.

3. Take your mat outside

Being outdoors in nature can be very relaxing. A yoga class at a local park or on the beach can often feel more comfortable than in a studio. Check local activity calendars as downtown city areas are popular for hosting these types of classes, which are growing in popularity.

4. Send an invite

Call, email or initiate a Facebook group to invite friends and set a date twice a week for a group training session. Choose a spot that works for everyone, such as a park where the kids can join! Suggest everyone bring at least one exercise idea. For example: 10 lunges across the soccer field, 10 jumping jacks and so on. String each person’s workout together with the next for a sequence of field drills. Another idea is to hire a trainer to meet the group every now and then for a guided routine. Don’t forget to pack healthy snacks and drinks for post-workout refreshment.

5. Set a goal together

Whether it’s a 30-day, weight-loss challenge or an upcoming race, find a common goal you can both get excited about. Doing a challenge together, even if it’s just for fun, can help make it feel more achievable. Monitor each other’s weekly progress and cheer each other on.