Our Top 6 Favorite DIY Facial Masks

by | Read time: 2 minutes

Do you – or your skin – feel burned out, dull or listless? As much as we loved letting a fancy salon facial wash away our daily stressors, the spas just aren’t as accessible as they once were. How do you start a self-care routine during a pandemic, or take a mental health day that actually rejuvenates your mind?

Instead of braving the salon, turn your home into a spa with these carefully picked skincare treatments. Just as good at washing away the day’s stressors, minimizing pores or zapping blemishes, these do-it-yourself face masks are easy on your busy schedule, fun to put together and they’re all made with good-for-you ingredients – many of which are likely already sitting in your kitchen cabinets!

So, forget spending the time and money at the health club, light a natural candle, try a shower bomb, and let one – or more – of these easy, beautifying masks nourish the skin you’re in.


1. DIY Nourishing Honey-Oat Face Mask
Top View Oats and Honey Next to Mask in Bowl | Vitacost BlogReady in just 20-minutes, this recipe uses raw honey and oats to make a simple yet nourishing face mask. Who knew the secret to great skin was as close as your kitchen?

2. DIY Manuka Honey Facial MaskHoney Being Drizzled Onto Woman's Forehead | Vitacost BlogWhat’s with all the buzz about Manuka honey? With its ability to soothe, heal and protect, it makes an un-bee-lievable natural, chemical-free treatment to keep your face blemish free.

3. DIY Moisturizing Anti-Acne Mushroom MaskYoung Woman Applying Mushroom Beauty Mask | Vitacost BlogCombining organic mushroom powder, tea tree oil, lemon and oats, this mask is great for fighting occasional breakouts, treating blemishes and balancing your skin.

4. DIY Natural Brightening Turmeric MaskTop View Yellow Turmeric Mask in Bowl | Vitacost BlogMade with turmeric, garbanzo bean flour and avocado oil, this nourishing mask will have you looking at your spice rack a little differently from now on.

5. Skin-Detoxifying DIY Charcoal MaskTop View Charcoal Mask in Bowl Next to Wooden Spoon and Brush | Vitacost BlogSkin defense: activated. Featuring activated charcoal powder and natural clay, this mask helps with acne, blackheads and general skin maintenance while also combating the damaging effects of environmental toxins.

6. DIY Anti-Aging Eye Serum (Vegan & Gluten-Free)Clear Bottle Filled with Anti-Aging Eye Serum Next to Aloe | Vitacost BlogEasy to make and loaded with skin-nourishing vitamins, this anti-aging serum pampers the delicate skin under and around your eyes. Goodbye fine lines, crow’s feet and sagging skin – you won’t be missed.