Raspberry-Kiwi Chia Pudding Parfaits


This powerhouse of a parfait is loaded with flavor – and nutrition benefits! Enjoy it for breakfast, dessert or as an anytime snack. Macadamia milk’s natural sweetness and thick smoothness plumps the chia seeds for a perfect pudding. Layer in granola for a textural crunch and berries and kiwi for a pop of sweet and tart, and you have healthy indulgence that feels oh-so decadent.

Two Glasses of Layered Chia Parfait with Oats, Fresh Kiwi and Raspberries | Vitacost Blog

Two Glasses of Layered Chia Parfait with Oats, Fresh Kiwi and Raspberries | Vitacost Blog
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Raspberry-Kiwi Chia Pudding Parfaits

Prep Time 2 hours 15 minutes
Total Time 2 hours 15 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 207 kcal
Author Mo, the Morselist



  1. In large jar, combine milk, chia and sweetener. Cover tightly and shake thoroughly to evenly distribute seeds. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight.
  2. In four dessert cups, spoon in chia pudding, layer of granola, sliced kiwi, more pudding, then berries. Continue layering until full. Top off with fresh sprigs of mint leaves and more berries.

    Optional: Add desired fruits, nutsand coconut cream.

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Nutrition Facts
Raspberry-Kiwi Chia Pudding Parfaits
Amount Per Serving
Calories 207 Calories from Fat 72
% Daily Value*
Fat 8g12%
Saturated Fat 1g5%
Sodium 5mg0%
Potassium 364mg10%
Carbohydrates 31g10%
Fiber 10g40%
Sugar 11g12%
Protein 5g10%
Vitamin A 79IU2%
Vitamin C 90mg109%
Calcium 129mg13%
Iron 2mg11%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Mo, the Morselist

Maura M. Knowles (Mo, the Morselist), a certified health coach and recipe developer, is the CEO-founder of Mac-n-Mo’s, a health and wellness company offering virtual coaching, courses, services and products. She created her paleo- and keto-friendly, no-sugar, low-sodium, gluten-free, grain free Morselicious Baking & Cooking Mix as a healthy alternative for her dad Mac (a diabetic) after he survived a quadruple bypass surgery. Maura is a professional actor-singer-filmmaker and educator. She writes a monthly blog and recently launched a YouTube channel.