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Self care begins with self love. These self care tips focus on your relationship with yourself, your inner voice and the things that bring you joy. Foster positivity, rediscover hobbies and learn how to protect your most precious commodity – your happiness.

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What a Sleep Neurologist Recommends for Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep can help you fight stress, boost energy, improve mental health and build a strong immune system, but it’s not always easy to come by. Sleep neurologists report a surge in sleep disorders associated with the stress, fear, isolation and uncertainty. Try these proven methods to help you sleep more soundly.

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Take Care of Your Temple

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Caregivers Need Care, too: 5 Self-Care Tips for Providers

There are few roles as noble and admirable than a caregiver. But providing both occasional and round-the-clock support does not arrive without considerable stress. There are a number of ways you can mitigate your stress to ensure that your loved one is provided for while you, too, are emotionally-buoyed, physically strong, and capable. Here are five self-care tips to start putting into place today.

Food for Good Feels

Calming Chocolate-Superfoods Smoothie Bowl

This chocolate and blueberry smoothie bowl incorporates stress-relieving herbs and superfoods for a calming effect. Maybe we should call it a “soothie” bowl instead. Take a break with this blissful treat.

The Best Foods You Can Eat for Mental Health, According to a Dietitian

There’s a strong connection between nutrition and mental health, according to a growing body of research. Learn more about which foods to eat – and what you should avoid – to best support your mental well-being.

5 Superfoods That Help Combat Stress

Back away from the bag of chips. Munching on greasy, crunchy, salty or sugary foods feels good when we’re stressed, but superfoods are what the body really needs to get through tough times.