Sweet & Savory Onion Tart Recipe with Fig & Brie February 29th, 2024

Caramelized Onion Tarts with Figs & Brie

Indulge in sweet and savory tarts with caramelized onions, fig preserves, French Brie, herbs and honey. Perfect for gatherings, these easy, customizable delights promise an explosion of flavors. Leftover caramelized onions? Elevate toasts, dips, stews or soups.

Two Slices of Toast Topped with Cheese, Figs and Walnuts Over Marble | Vitacost Blog March 4th, 2020

Fig Toast

This mouthwatering fig toast combines the candy-like fruit, savory goat cheese, nutritious walnuts and sweet honey in an easy-to-make meal that works as breakfast, lunch or a mid-day snack.