Tone Your Arms for Summer With This 3-Step Workout Plan

by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

It’s getting hot out there, which means jackets, sweaters and long sleeves are about to be a thing of the past, while tank tops, sleeveless shirts and sundresses are making their way into your every day. No more hiding those un-toned arms! But don’t sweat it. Instead, get to work toning and sculpting with these back and arm exercises that will help you feel stronger and more confident in your summer wardrobe.

Using a Weight Ball to Tone Your Arms for Summer

Tips to tone your arms & back:

  1. Complete this workout twice a week, with at least a day of rest in between.
  2. Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps for each of the arm exercises.
  3. Use a weight that’s challenging. If you’re breezing through reps, increase the weight.
  4. Don’t struggle. If you feel yourself struggling at any point, lessen the weight.
  5. Use good form and concentrate on the muscle you’re working, whether it’s your biceps, triceps or back.
  6. Eat a protein-rich diet, including foods such as egg whites, whey, fish, cottage cheese or plant-based protein to support
  7. Keep up with your normal cardio routine to help you to burn arm fat.
  8. Be sure you’re eating a healthy diet in general, making a point to get fiber.
  9. Take a high-quality multivitamin daily.

Step 1: Biceps

  1. Seated bicep curls using dumbbells
  2. Straight bar curls (if a fixed straight bar isn’t available, try using the bicep machine)

Step 2: Triceps

  1. Behind-the-neck extensions (use both hands to hold the weight behind your head)
  2. Tricep machine
  3. Dumbbell kickbacks


  1. Lateral pulldown with a wide grip
  2. Reverse lateral pulldown (use the same bar as above, reversing the grip, with hands about shoulder width apart–this is a closer grip_
  3. Seated row

If time allows at the end of the workout:

Assisted pullup machine: Do 2 sets with a weight that allows 12 reps for each set. This will give a good stretch at the end of your workout for the upper body.