Vegan Turmeric-Ginger Veggie Soup

by | Updated: January 9th, 2017

On a chilly day, opening a can of chicken noodle soup may be easy; but while you’re seeking warmth as an ultimate goal, why not try something that will nourish your body, too? This nutritious soup recipe calls for fresh veggies and herbs such as turmeric and ginger, which provide tons of flavor without adding sodium or fat. Simmer the ingredients in a slow cooker and store the soup for the week. It’s an added bonus that your home will smell amazing!

Yellow Turmeric-Ginger Veggie Soup in a Bowl |

Vegan Turmeric-Ginger Veggie Soup

Yields 8 cups


6 medium carrots, sliced ½-in.
4 small sweet potatoes, cubed
4 cups filtered water
1 can chickpeas
2 cloves garlic, sliced
1 inch fresh ginger, peeled with a spoon and diced
1 Tbsp. ground turmeric
1 tsp. pink salt


  1. In slow cooker, combine all ingredients.
  2. Cook on high for four hours, or low for six hours.
  3. Pour in separate bowls and garnish with fresh herbs.