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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Dieting is like learning to ride a bike. You may wobble. You may fall. You’ll certainly feel frustrated at times. But if you keep at it, eventually you’ll cruise — and oh, what a great feeling that is!

With the New Year upon us, millions of Americans are strapping on helmets and heading out on new weight-loss journeys. Motivation is high. Intentions are good. So how can you better your chances of this year’s resolution actually sticking — of finally shedding those extra pounds and reclaiming your health?

CEO Corner: Vitacost Essentials for Diet Success

Whether or not a diet is successful depends on many factors. If you’ve watched your waistline shrink, then sadly expand again, you already know that stress, a busy schedule and poor sleep are prime obstacles. But how you diet  plays a huge part in not only losing weight, but in your ability to keep it off over time.

Successful dieters (1 out of 5 who make the attempt, according to the National Weight Loss Registry) tend to share some key habits. They don’t have unrealistic expectations. They don’t restrict food so drastically that slip-ups are inevitable. They don’t follow fads, but rather focus on eating healthy foods in the right amounts.

What is perhaps one of the most important things those winning at weight loss do correctly? They make sure they’ve got a solid support system, whether it’s family, friends or a trusted health source — you know, like us at

When it comes to weight loss, we’ve got your back. At, you’ll always find the essentials you need to stay on the path to a slimmer, healthier you:

Diet Foods: When cravings call, answer with filling, diet-friendly Vitacost ® snacks. You’ll find good-for-you favorites such as almonds, ginger slices, dried apricots and more. Or fill up with whole grains and foods that fit with your healthy diet plan. Try Vitacost ® Rolled Oats for breakfast, sprinkled with protein-packed Vitacost ® Chia Seeds, or enjoy an organic, non-GMO Vitacost ® Quinoa salad for lunch.

Shakes & Drinks: It’s easy to sip your way to slim when you blend up a shake or drink with a Vitacost ® mix. For meal replacement, our ARO Lean Series and Walker Diet mixes are top notch in both taste and nutrition. Start your day with a smoothie made with one of our delicious protein powders, from plant-based Pea Protein or High-Fiber Organic Hemp to fortified Vitacost® Whey Protein Complex.

Diet Aids: From herbal extracts to fiber supplements to exclusive formulas such as ARO Black Series BURN Stimulant Free (it combines the most well-known, potent nutrients, including Garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean, green tea, raspberry ketones, Hoodia gordonii and more), we have the support you’re looking for in our many diet supplements. Be sure to check out our exclusive Vitacost ® Carb Blocker, a unique, all-natural formula featuring clinically studied Phase 2® starch neutralizer.

It’s a new year, and you deserve not just diet success, but a healthy transformation that’s bound to impact many areas of your life.