What is Kelp?

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 1 minute

It’s that “seaweed” stuff that washes up on the beach, right? Well, that’s only part of the story. Kelp is actually an edible marine plant, and it offers several nutritional benefits that might surprise you.

Read on to learn more about kelp and how to add it to your diet:

Get to know kelp:

  • Iodine: Kelp is an excellent source of iodine, an important trace mineral. This brownish-green ocean-growing plant also contains additional minerals – including iron and sodium.
  • Flavor: Often used in Asian cuisine such as sushi, soup and salad, kelp can be eaten raw or dried.
  • Salt substitute: Dried, powdered kelp is a popular substitute for salt – it imparts a savory, salty flavor, but contains less sodium than conventional table salt.

How to use kelp:

Kelp is available in granule form, dry powder and as a dietary supplement. You can also find kelp as an ingredient in food products, shampoos and facial cleansers!