Why I Fell in Love With Loose-Leaf Tea

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Sometimes, I’m a coffee person, but on a chilly winter night, donning a pair of fuzzy socks as the fire in my hearth drapes a cloak of burnt orange over everything, I am most decidedly a tea person. These precious little leaves, so diverse in their flavor and intention, have a multitude of gifts locked inside.

Whether it’s a reprise from a seasonal cold I seek or the perfect pairing for a delicious organic cranberry oatmeal cookie, a warm cup of tea brings with it certain kind of magic.

You can’t deny the soothing comfort of a cup of chamomile when you’re camped out on the couch with a box of tissue. And on those nights when sleep evades you and worries abound, a steaming mug of Organic Nighty Night tea can carry you off to dreamland.

Sitting down to sip is a moment of self-care and self-love; something most of us do not do often enough. In this one simple action you can be an example to your little ones, teaching them to respect their needs, as well as other’s, by listen to their body and mind when they hear whispers of mental and physical fatigue. My kids have found comfort in a cup of herbal tea and raw honey when they are fighting a cold or just having a bad day in the same way that I have uncovered my sanity at the bottom of a piece of English bone china and solace from PMS in a mug filled to the brim with Yogi Moon Cycle tea.

In my years of brewing, I thought I had explored all the majesty those mighty bits of foliage had to offer. But in actuality, the world of loose leaf teas had remained uncharted territory. Recently, I dove in head first and my curiosity quickly developed into a full blown love affair.

Versatile and varied, the tantalizing aroma of each separate leaf serves as a most delicious preface to the delicate flavor. What’s more, you can combine different types to create a unique blend tailored to your personal preferences. Of course, you can woo your friends with refreshing creations of iced tea concoctions during the warm summer months, as well.

Set off on your own tea adventure and let me know what you find!