4 Good Habits to Help You Lose Weight

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

If you’re trying to lose weight, you know it’s a process. Getting back into those skinny jeans doesn’t happen overnight. Resisting dessert when everyone else is indulging isn’t easy. And making lifestyle changes to shed those extra pounds can be a long and challenging journey. One of the biggest mistakes people make when dieting is to have unrealistic expectations, like thinking a drastic transformation is somehow going to be quick or easy. What happens is that you set yourself up for what can become a vicious cycle: failure, guilt, then loss of confidence.

Habits to Help You Lose Weight
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Not only is this cycle unhealthy for you mentally, but a diet roller coaster can mess with your metabolism, making losing weight even more of a challenge. To avoid it, and to really make progress on your weight loss goals, it helps to develop and maintain a few good habits. Here are four that, when in place, will keep you on a healthy and speedy weight loss track:

Be realistic
When you have a target weight-loss number, and a deadline for when you want those pounds gone, it’s easy to place expectations on yourself that may not be met (“I have to lose five pounds a week to get to this weight before my vacation”). Instead, aim for one to two pounds of weight loss per week, and with those numbers in mind, work out a timeframe that’s realistic. This way, you’re not setting yourself up for failure.

Avoid the mirror
Checking yourself out in the mirror to see if your progress is visible? What happens when it’s not? You get disappointed, feel badly and, on the extreme end, lose motivation  or maybe even willpower. A better way to monitor your results is to try on a pair of snug jeans once a week. You’ll know pretty quickly if your body has changed, and you can take them off and move on rather than lingering in front of your not-up-to-par reflection and beating yourself up.

Stick with your exercise plan
Surprised with an extra 20 minutes of free time? Sure, a power walk is a great idea””and should be something you jump on. But tomorrow, when that meeting runs over and it’s too late to make it to the gym? Not so good. A consistent exercise routine is key to losing weight, so scheduling a time and sticking with it should be a top priority. If you know work may get in the way, find a way to work out before your get to the office, and don’t let yourself skip thinking an opportunity for exercise may come up later.

Supplement for support
Once your exercise routine is in place and you’re eating a reduced-calorie, healthy diet, taking a supplement can help support your weight-loss efforts. Hydroxycut is a premium, clinically proven formula featuring a combination of key ingredients that promote healthy energy levels, reduced BMI and weight loss.*

They say it takes about three weeks–that’s just 21 days–to form new habits. Losing weight is within your power! Keep working to incorporate these healthy changes into your life, and you’re going to start seeing the results you desire.

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