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Can a ‘Soup Diet’ Help You Lose Weight?

If you think that sipping on hot soup will help you shed pounds, you’re not alone. Soup diets are trending again. But do they actually work? Before you fill (and refill) your bowl, get the facts from a registered dietitian.

Woman Trying Soup Diet Tasting Homemade Soup with Spoon at Stove

How to Do a Sugar Detox: An Easy-to-Follow 4-Week Plan

Want to slash sugar consumption but feeling afraid? One way to fight the insidious sugar creep is to do a sugar detox, which helps your palette recalibrate its reliance on sweet foods. Good news: It’s easier than you think.

Torso View of Woman Attempting a Sugar Detox Adding Stevia to Mug of Coffee

A Low-Carb Diet Benefits People With Type 2 Diabetes, According to New Study

If you have type 2 diabetes, a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet – with no restrictions on calories – might help you lose weight while keeping your blood-glucose levels in check, suggests new research. Learn more.

Woman Following Low Carb Diet for Diabetics Cutting Fresh Produce on Cutting Board
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Vegan Chickpea Tacos on Wooden Serving Board |

Vegan Chickpea Soft Tacos

Healthy, plant-based tacos in 20 minutes? Let’s taco ‘bout it! Each bite brings a mouthwatering combination of spicy and creamy. Seasoned chickpeas are pan-sautéed to perfection, then stuffed into gluten-free tortillas spread with soft, spinach-swirled vegan cheese. Feel free to use store-bought vegan cream cheese, or whip up this cashew version. We guarantee you’ll be extending Meatless Monday into Taco Tuesday from here on out.

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