Chocolate Thumbprint Protein Cookies

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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 1 minute

The ho-hum holiday thumbprint cookie has a shortbread base with a schmear of jam. But I like to switch things up. You know, keep it jazzy and interesting. Besides, I can think of richer, more satisfying combos for dessert. (Shortbread and jam sounds like breakfast!) Thus, we turn to the greatest flavor lovebirds of all time ““ chocolate and peanut butter. Can I get a thumbs up before you press it down?

Chocolate Pocket Protein Cookies
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Chocolate Thumbprint Protein Cookies


1 cup almond flour
4 scoops chocolate protein powder
¼ cup honey
¼ cup coconut sugar
2 Tbsp. unsweetened almond milk
¼ cup cocoa powder


1. Mix all ingredients into a bowl and stir thoroughly.

2. Roll batter into ping-pong-sized balls.

3. Press your thumb into the center of each ball, creating little flavor crevices.

4. Melt ½ cup creamy peanut butter in the microwave for 1 minute and spoon a dollop of PB into the thumbprint of each cookie. If you need more PB, by all means, USE MORE!

Now, lick the spoon clean, bite into one of those cookies and bask in the amazingness.