10 Useful Baking & Cooking Essentials You Can Get at Vitacost

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The first words that come to mind when I think of Vitacost.com are health and wellness. Product wise, I gravitate towards Vitacost’s wide variety of dietary supplements, home cleaning supplies and personal care products. But did you know that you can get cookware and baking tools here too? Here are 10 must-have kitchen essentials you’re going to want to your next order!

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Baking & Cooking Essentials Including Bundt Cake Pan, Bowl of Flour, Rolling Pin, Oven Mitt & More | Vitacost.com/blog

Dash of That Bundt Pan

Spending so much time at home this year has allowed many of us to focus on fun hobbies – like baking! To minimize mess and up the creativity of your baked goods, it’s always good to have specialty pans and mold on hand, such as Dash of That’s Bundt Pan. Use it to whip up a festive holiday bundt cake for your intimate family gathering.Dash of That Original Bundt Pan | Vitacost.com/blog

Allrecipes Loaf Pan

Did you miss the banana bread craze in spring of 2020? That’s OK. Holiday loaves are all the rage now. And with an Allrecipes loaf pan, you can bake a paleo carrot cake bread, a double dark chocolate cranberry bread or a vanilla pound cake for your family or to give as a holiday gift. You can also use a loaf pan to whip up an easy meatloaf. This must-have pan will come in handy not just this season – but all year long!Allrecipes 9 x 5 Inch Loaf Pan | Vitacost.com/blog

Dash of That Stainless Steel Cookie Cutter Set

Baking cookies is a holiday tradition in many households, and the best way to ensure that the cookies are perfectly shaped every time is to use a cookie cutter set. This stainless steel collection set features 11 different sizes and can be used for cutting cookies, fondant or biscuits.Dash of That Stainless Steel Cookie Cutter Set - Silver -- 11 Piece | Vitacost.com/blog

Dash of That Natural Cutting Board

Here’s another extremely versatile kitchen essential that can be used year round for cutting meat, fruit, vegetables and more. Cutting boards are a must if you want to avoid scratching up your plates or countertops. And this one’s made from bamboo with a nice, modern look that will complement any kitchen décor.

Dash of That Bamboo Cutting Board Natural | Vitacost.com/blogDash of That Nut Cracker

Nuts are a healthy food that can be enjoyed as a snack or added to salads, side dishes and desserts. For those with shells that need to be removed, a nut cracker comes in very handy! This one features a heavy-duty cast head and a comfortable bamboo handle, so you can be sure to get the job done right. It can also be used with seafood.

Dash of That Nut Craker | Vitacost.com/blogAllrecipes Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set

Measuring spoons are another kitchen essential you’ll use all year round. It’s best to be precise with measurements, rather than estimate, so recipes come out exactly the way they should. Unlike flimsy plastic spoons, this sturdy set will last for years to come. It includes 5 common measurement sizes.

Allrecipes 5 Piece Measuring Spoons Stainless Steel | Vitacost.com/blogEveryday Living Instant Read Thermometer

Whether you’re cooking turkey, chicken or steak for dinner, you should definitely invest in an instant read thermometer. For safety and best taste and texture, it’s important for meat to reach the proper internal temperature, and this tool will help you accomplish exactly that. It features a shatter-proof lens and comes with a protective case and temperature guide.

Everyday Living 1 Inch Instant Read Thermometer | Vitacost.com/blogOXO Soft Works Basting Brush

A basting brush is also ideal for preparing meat dishes. This brush features circles in the center bristles to hold liquids, and the tapered outer bristles “baste poultry and roasts with ease.” It’s heat resistant to 600°F, so there’s no need to worry about it melting or falling apart around meat that’s fresh out of the oven.

OXO Soft Works Basting Brush | Vitacost.com/blogEveryday Living Metal Skewers

These skewers are great for barbecuing and grilling. And they’re reusable, which means you can enjoy kebabs and not have to worry about waste created by disposable skewers. Use them to make grilled chicken and pineapple kebabs, marinated vegetable skewers or even grilled fruit kebabs. Each package comes with 4 skewers – and the price can’t be beat!

Everyday Living Metal Skewers | Vitacost.com/blogEveryday Living Garlic Press

Fresh garlic is a great way to add flavor and healthy benefits to recipes. Rather than slicing or chopping (and having to deal with strong garlic smell sticking to your fingers!), use an Everyday Living Garlic Press. It quickly minces and easily crushes fresh garlic, and includes a removable basket for easy clean up.

Everyday Living Garlic Press Black | Vitacost.com/blog