Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Make

by | Read time: 3 minutes

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and you forgot to get a gift for that special someone. Not to worry! Although it may be too late (or too inconvenient) to shop for your sweetheart, we have you covered with these super-simple, last-minute DIY gift ideas that you can make in mere minutes. In fact, you may already have many of the ingredients on hand. Your loved one will be so touched by the heartfelt gesture that he or she won’t even realize that, unlike Cupid, you almost missed the mark this year!

Bottle of Homemade Bubble Bath with Flowers to Represent DIY Gift Ideas |

Homemade beard oil for him

Whether your Valentine sports a handsome mustache, a tight goatee or a full, brag-worthy beard, he’ll love this nourishing beard oil (especially because you made it!).

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s what to do:

Simply, add the carrier oil and essential oil to the glass bottle and mix them together. Please note that while you must use at least one carrier oil and one essential oil, you can also opt for a blend of multiple essential and carrier oils (while adhering to the ratios listed in the ingredients above). Don’t be afraid to experiment! Just be sure to use a dedicated dropper for each essential oil (so you don’t cross-contaminate the oils in their original jars) and smell as you go because a little essential oil can go a long way!

Here’s how to apply:

He’ll place two to three drops of beard oil in his hand every day or two and then gently massage them into his mustache and/or beard, from the root to the tip. The oil can be applied to wet or dry facial hair, although it’s most effective after showering or washing his face, when his beard is damp and his pores are open.

Please note that when stored at room temperature, away from the sun, the bottle should last for approximately three months. However, beard oil can spoil, so he should toss it immediately if he notices any change in fragrance.

Homemade bubble bath for her

Give her the gift of relaxation this Valentine’s Day with blissful bubble bath that comes straight from the heart.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s what to do:

To whip up some homemade honey bubble bath for your honey, simply combine all the ingredients in a small bowl and whisk them together until the honey is fully incorporated. That’s all there is to it!

Here’s how to use:

She’ll draw a warm bath and add one-third to one-half of the mixture to the bath water while it’s running. Then she’ll climb in, breathe in the soothing aroma and let all her cares slip away.

Please note that although this bubble bath will, of course, be bubbly, it will not produce the big, foamy bubbles common to many store-bought varieties. That’s because it doesn’t contain potentially harmful surfactants (e.g., sodium lauryl sulfate) and is therefore gentler on the skin—and the environment.

This fragrant mixture yields enough for two to three bubble baths. When stored in a cool, dark place, it can last for us to three tranquil months.