Don’t Judge Me. I Hide Vegetables.

Andrew Davis

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Quote of the day:

“The secret of feeding a healthy family is to love good food, trust yourself and share that with your children.”

-Ellyn Satter

I know some people think it’s wrong to hide veggies in kids’ food””that we should teach them to savor greens instead. My response to this is, “If you can get your child to savor veggies, rock on! But please don’t judge the rest of us who are sneakin’ “˜em in when and where we can, because plan A (a four-year-old savoring steamed spinach with garlic and shallots), didn’t, uh, quite work out.

Judgment is sooooo non-yogic. And it saps your energy.

Here are some ways I get my kids to gobble up veggies, without a lot of groaning:

“¢ Baby carrots with caesar dressing. OK, so they’re not exactly hidden, but carrots are so much better when they’re served with creamy dip. Try Annie’s Naturals Organic Caesar Dressing.

Risotto with spinach, mushrooms and broccoli. Your kids will be so caught up in the creamy deliciousness of the risotto, they might not notice the greens. Lundberg makes an organic, vegan spinach and mushroom risotto. Add some steamed, chopped broccoli and you’ve got three different veggies in one dish!

“¢ Brown rice made with veggie broth instead of water. Hey, every little bit counts!

“¢ Couscous with veggies.  Chop veggies and steam (or sauté in olive oil with a little bit of garlic for flavor) and stir into prepared couscous.

“¢ Fruit and veggie smoothies. That’s right! Toss a small amount of frozen peas or broccoli florets, or avocado slices, into fruit smoothies””they’ll never even know they’re there!

Have the best day ever!


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