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The Benefits of Cutting Back on Drinking – and Tips to Help You Do It

While not all studies point to the need to abstain from alcohol entirely, most people will, in fact, see improvements in their health if they do. Here are some of the benefits of going booze-free that may inspire and motivate you to stay sober.

7 Things to Know Before Starting a Plant-Based Diet

Starting a plant-based lifestyle has many benefits, including increased health and vitality, protecting the environment and creating a more compassionate world. Here are 7 tips to sustain a plant-based lifestyle.

5 Exercises that Strengthen and Stretch at the Same Time

This workout is two for the price of one! Stretch and strengthen at the same time with these five eccentric weight exercises. Grab a few dumbbells, practice your form and you’ll feel strong and limber in no time.

Monotasking: The Power of Doing One Thing at a Time to Feel Better ALL the Time

Spreading your attention across multiple tasks means you do them poorly and take longer to complete each one. Instead, do one thing at a time — monotask — and notice your performance soar in myriad ways.

5 Tips for Building Balanced & Satiating Salads

When it comes to salads, it’s all about that “base” (and the toppings… and the dressing!). Use this guide to learn how to build a better, well-balanced bowl and ultimately change the way you look at salads forever.

Which Vitamins Can Help You With Energy?

Lack of energy is a common health complaint. What can you do to put more pep in your step – naturally? Consider the benefits of these five vitamins. Dr. Josh Axe explains.

Go Keto – the Healthy Way

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Nourishing Elixirs for the New Year

Do This 8-Step Mindful Yoga Flow to Jumpstart Your Healthy New Year

Tired of setting new year intentions that never stick? Try this 8-step yoga mindfulness sequence to change your fortune — and discover what holds you back so you can find ways to overcome your challenges.

Editor’s Top Fave Foods

Dietitian Corner

Looking for healthy cooking tips or nutritional expertise? Our team of Kroger registered dietitians can assist! With a “Food as Medicine” approach, they’re dedicated to helping you discover new foods, mindsets and recipes to nourish your body, achieve personal nutrition goals and lead an overall healthier life.

Clean Beauty

Anti-Pollution Skincare: A Smart New Approach to Protecting Your Complexion

A lesser-known effect of air pollution is the damage it can do to our skin – including premature aging, pigment spots and more. Start protecting your complexion with the latest in anti-pollution skincare.

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8 Best Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands at Vitacost

Cruelty-free standards for the beauty industry are gaining momentum as people look to ensure their products are being made and handled in an ethical manner. Here are 8 cruelty-free brands you can find at Vitacost.

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