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9 Ways to Improve Your Mood with Food

Certain foods and nutrients can impact your mood, concentration and focus. Some foods can ease a depressed mood, help with focus and increase energy levels. Here are 9 ways to improve your mood with food!

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5 Creative Ways to Stretch Your Grocery Budget

Inflation is hitting us everywhere—at the gas station, at the airlines, and even more ubiquitously, at the grocery store. As consumer prices climb rapidly, people are trying to find ways to adjust. How can you make your groceries go further without skimping on taste or nutrition? Try these five ideas for making a budget seem more like a bonanza.

13 NEW Plant-Based Snacks at Vitacost You Have to Try

Anyone who considers themselves a healthy eater and a busy person knows how essen-tial the right between-meal snacks can be. Whether you’re looking for sweet or salty, these 13 plant-based snack foods got you covered.

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The Self-Care Space

Relieve stress, sleep better and care for your body from the inside out with self care tips.

Supplement Spotlight

Gluten-Free Cherry Cake With Red & White Napkin Cooling on Table |

Gluten-Free Summer Cherry Cake

Thought you had to wait for a birthday or anniversary celebration to enjoy a delicious slice of homemade cake? Good news: cake can be the cherry on top of any day, even just a regular old Tuesday!

This gluten-free, summer-inspired confection is actually very simple to make, and the result just might make you feel like a reality show baking champion. One bite and you’ll see why this recipe takes the cake, thankyoucherrymuch.

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