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Flower Essence Self-Heal Supplement Dropper -- 1 fl oz

Flower Essence Self-Heal Supplement Dropper
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Flower Essence Self-Heal Supplement Dropper -- 1 fl oz

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Flower Essence Self-Heal Supplement Dropper Description

Self-Heal Prunella vulgaris (violet)


Positive qualities: Ability to tap into health-giving forces for body and soul; lifestyle choices that lead to wellness and wholeness


Patterns of imbalance: Inability to take inner responsibility for one's healing, lacking in spiritual motivation for wellness, overly dependent on external advice for health choices

Self-Heal Flower Essence


This remarkable flower essence has been one of the leading remedies of the FES Quintessential line of flower essences for over twenty years. Self-Heal flower essence addresses the core issue in all healing work - the inner commitment to be well.


Self-Heal is an excellent choice for beginning your personal wellness program. It enhances other flower essences and therapeutic programs, acting as a catalyst in the journey to mind-body health.


Self-Heal flower essence is especially indicated for those who have lost belief in their own capacity to be well, or who have abdicated this inherent responsibility to healers or others. It is a very beneficial remedy for those who face great healing challenges, whether physical, mental, or spiritual.


The central teaching of Self-Heal is to enable the Self to affirm and to draw from the deep wellspring of life, toward true recovery and restoration. The name "Self-Heal" is perhaps its own best affirmation, since all healing depends on an inner commitment to be well. No variety of outer measures and techniques can bring about healing (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual), if there is not a quickening from within the individual, a motivation to seek and affirm the wholeness of life.


When to Use Self-Heal Flower Essence

  • As an excellent introductory remedy flower essence therapy, awakening one's inner sense of self-development and understanding of wellness.
  • As a good integrating remedy in nearly any flower essence formula, helping to address and focus the core healing issues of self-awareness and inner commitment to change.
  • As an adjunct to any healing journey, especially when one feels overwhelmed by information or options, and needs to be in touch with inner values and choices.
  • For individuals who have a wide variety of psychosomatic ailments, or who continually seek treatment from many different practitioners, but lack an inner confidence in their own ability to become well, and avoid taking responsibility for the inner shifts which are needed for true health.
  • For a great number of special situations: children who are recuperating, elderly persons with difficult life situations, ailing animals, or plants that are prone to disease or in stress


Suggested Use: Four drops, four times daily.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Ingredients: Water, brandy*, infusion (1:6000) of prunella vulgaris flowers. *Organic and biodynamic®
The product packaging you receive may contain additional details or may differ from what is shown on our website. We recommend that you reference the complete information included with your product before consumption and do not rely solely on the details shown on this page. For more information, please see our full disclaimer.
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Flower Power: Why Flower Essences Might be the Wellness Tool You Need

Few of us are immune to the power of flowers. From a bouquet of bright yellow daisies to a pot of hot pink geraniums, we all know that flowers can prompt a whole host of positive emotions.

But did you know that their essences can also be used to encourage optimal health?

Row of Green Bottles Filled with Various Flowers to Represent Question of What are Flower Essences |

It’s not news—but it is newsworthy. Botanicals have comprised most of the shelves in nature’s medicine chest for thousands of years, but the potential benefits of flower essences—that is, the distilled vitality of a flower—first hit the scene in the 1930s. Then, English physician and homeopathic doctor Edward Bach sought out a new form of healing. He found it in the garden, where he began noting that certain plants could alleviate negative thoughts and feelings, thereby addressing what he believed to be the root cause of physical ailments: The conflict between one’s soul and their outlook and behaviors. Determined to resolve this internal battle—which he believed created energy blockages and emotional disharmony—he created 38 floral remedies. Unknowingly, he also made one of the largest modern contributions to what’s deemed vibrational healing—a niche of natural medicine that includes sound therapy and essential oils.

What are flower essences?

But what, exactly, does the “vitality of a flower” mean—and how can it be used for health?

Separate from essential oils, which are derived from the chemical components of a plant, flower essences do not contain flower material. Rather, Bach’s original method—which is more or less used today—required soaking flowers in water to “imprint” their energy. This energy was then preserved with alcohol, such as brandy, and either taken under the tongue or applied topically—for example, applied to acupuncture points, dropped into a bath or added to lotions. (Most flower essence products today, it should be noted, are alcohol-free.)

While science has yet to find a difference in impact between flower essences and a placebo, some of our leading health experts are huge advocates of this alternative therapy. Chief among them? New York Times bestselling author Christiane Northrup, M.D. “Unlike pharmaceuticals, which suppress symptoms, flower essences work by the principle of resonances in the subtle body where imbalance starts,” she says. “In other words, the action of flower essences is energetic, not biochemical.”

She also shares the belief that all plants “have a unique vibrational energy pattern” and that flower essences may either work right away or begin to show their benefits “over days or weeks, layer by layer.” Northrup, among others, believes that flower essences can increase clarity and focus, inspire joy and serenity, eliminate worry—even fuel creativity.

How can flower essences benefit your health?

Believed to be harmless, flower essences can further be called upon for a broad range of complications. As herbalist, nutritionist, and energy healer Erin Lovell Verindeer told Vogue, she uses flower essences in her clinics to address anxiety, depression, trauma, and fatigue, among other issues.

“I feel flower essences really shine with emotional conditions and work in such a subtle yet potent way to bring the support needed. Intuitively, people are drawn to the one they seem to need at the time.” Northrup seconds this: “All flowers have an innate wisdom that they lovingly share with us. Every flower has its own message—and its own therapeutic properties. Chances are, if you are particularly attracted to a certain flower, it’s because on a deep emotional level it is providing something that you need in life.”

This traces back to Bach’s theory, whose list of remedies were tailored to very specific traits or behaviors. Aspen, for example, could be used to relieve the fear of unknown things. Elm, meanwhile, could be called upon to support those who are overwhelmed by responsibilities; larch could be utilized to bolster confidence.

The debate on the efficacy may be ongoing, but what remains true is that flower essence therapy asks people to identify where and how they Whether it’s a placebo effect or not seems to be a moot point. By determining that you’re not just feeling uncertain but are suffering from unwanted thoughts and mental arguments (white chestnut, Bach believed, was the remedy for this), you’re able to address the problem at a profound level; by noting that you’re, say, apathetic (wild rose), you can use flower essences as a complement to a regime that also includes more exercise or talk therapy.

By tackling your mental, emotional and spiritual health through flower essences, you may be motivated to make lifestyle choices that directly impact your physical health. (Some products, such as Self-Heal Flower Essence, are created specifically to promote responsibility for taking control of one’s well-being.) In other words, flower essences have the potential to stimulate healing—and, as we all know, that begins with ourselves. Flower power, indeed (and then some).

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