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vitacost Brands on a Mission 🌍 This series is all about spotlighting brands that are doing incredible things for both our planet and the people living in it. Here at @Vitacost, we feel it's more important than ever to vote with your dollar. 💕

@Cleancult believes your routine should be easy on you, your home and the planet. 🌿 From formulating products with natural ingredients to using paper-based packaging, the #CleanCult team is committed to redefining clean.

The cleaning industry has a dirty little secret: it’s not so clean after all. ☣ That’s why @cleancult built a better cleaning system, one that’s easy, #sustainable and cost-effective. One that rethinks everything, from ingredients to packaging to performance to shipping.

Their innovative refill system starts with the last bottle of soap you will ever need.

🧴Reusable, stylish & shatter-resistant glass bottles
♻ All-natural formulas come in recyclable, paper-based milk carton refills (break up with plastic for good!).
🐇 Products are plant-powered, safe for sensitive skin, #crueltyfree and tested to deliver an incredible clean.
🥥 Made with coconuts and other #biodegradable elements, creating a clean that’s uniquely tough on grit and grime but gentle on you, your skin and our earth.
🙅&zw♀️ Switch to @cleancult to ditch 44 lbs. of plastic per year.
🌊 In April, the @Cleancult team joined @scuba_dogs_society in Puerto Rico, an organization dedicated to protect the oceans, for their annual beach cleanup at Isla Verde Beach.
🇵🇷 After natural disasters hit Puerto Rico, the @cleancult team went to communities in Ponce and Yauco to provide them with groceries, cold treats, and a $500 donation to families with special needs. They also supplied some families with tents, mattresses, drinking water, battery-operated fans and pillows.
📦 Carbon neutral shipping! They partner with #CarbonFund to invest in carbon reduction projects and plant trees to undo the shipping carbon they emit.

To support @cleancult and stock up on natural, #ecofriendly cleaning essentials, visit the link in bio! #linkinprofile #brandsonamission

Vitacost Do you compost – yes or no?⠀

Composting is a great way to hit your green goals this year. 🌿 Lucky for you, starting an at-home compost system can be inexpensive and require minimal effort. Visit The Upside blog to learn few different ways you can start reducing household waste and avoid sending scraps to landfill. 🌎⠀

LINK IN BIO #linkinprofile #compost #howtocompost #healthyliving #foodscraps #lowwaste #reducewaste

vitacost #EarthMonth! 🌎 Join us as we pledge to protect our planet and its resources – one step at a time! 🦶♻ Last week, we shared our top sustainable swaps for a greener kitchen (step 1!). Today, we're talking about how to reduce your carbon footprint on the go!⠀
♻ STEP TWO 🚴&zw♂️⠀
👝 Ditch single-use plastic zip-top bags and stock up on a few durable #BPAfree reusable ones. @FullCircle, a #Bcorp brand, offers leak-proof, easy-seal bags for storing bulk pantry goods, freezing leftovers or for packing snacks in your kiddo's lunchbox. They're washable and come in a variety of adorable designs and sizes. What's more is that you can use a dry erase marker to easily label the bags – simply wipe clean between uses.⠀
🧉 Help eliminate the 500,000,000 plastic straws Americans use every day with a durable stainless steel straw. These ones from @ukonserve are available in a single-count, or a set of two or four. All options come with an easy-to-use cleaning brush. They're also dishwasher-safe and free of BPAs, phthalates and lead. If you love to sip, then be sure to bring one with you to restaurants and social gatherings. Let this straw be the last one you ever purchase!⠀
🥤 Chances are, you already have a water bottle. Take the next step. Refuse single-use plastic bottles and commit to your reusable one. This one from @EcoVessel makes it easy to refill with both hot and cold beverages on the go. Heading to the juice bar? Have them pour your fresh juice or smoothie directly into your bottle! Flying somewhere? no problem! Empty the bottle before walking through airport security, then fill it at a refill station or bar before boarding your flight. ⠀
We all have to start somewhere to do our part – and there’s no step too small along the way. 🌎🦶 Invest in these essentials (for less!) at @Vitacost. For more #EarthMonth lifestyle tips, head over to The Upside blog! LINK IN BIO >> #linkinprofile #carbonfootprint #earthday #ecofriendly #lowwaste #ecotips #ecofriendlyproducts #vitacost #reusable

@vitacost Let us celery-brate how EASY it is to grow #celery at home! If you're not already doing it, here's how:⠀

2️⃣ Place the cutting in water. Set the celery in a small glass bowl. Then add fresh water until approximately an inch of the cutting is submerged. Place the bowl in a spot where it will receive lots of natural light throughout the day. Change out the water every two days, taking care to submerge the root end.⠀

3️⃣ Watch the celery grow. In a few days, small leaves should begin to emerge from the top of the cutting. After approximately a week, you may see more leaves and even some small stalks. A little browning around the outer base is perfectly normal but should serve as a reminder that the celery must be planted in soil before it starts to rot.⠀

4️⃣ Plant the celery in soil. You are now ready to plant the celery in a container filled with potting soil. Be sure to select a pesticide-free variety that is suitable for herbs and vegetables and mix in some slow-release fertilizer (according to package directions).⠀

Dig a hole in the center of the soil that is deep enough to accommodate the entire cutting while allowing any new growth (i.e., leaves and stalks) to protrude past the soil. Then set the celery in the hole and fill in the surrounding soil, taking care to ensure there aren’t any air pockets. Finally, make sure the soil remains moist (but not over-saturated) and give the celery sufficient shade during the hottest afternoon hours.⠀
#soups and #salads!⠀

Full post, which includes several ways to enjoy #celeryjuice, on the blog! LINK IN BIO >> #linkinprofile #vitacost #diy #plants #gardening #celeryjuicebenefits #healthyliving #healthylifestyle

@vitacost Do you have #zerowaste goals? Share your simple swaps! 🍴 ⠀

Americans generated more than 262 million tons of trash in 2015, including nearly 35 million tons of plastics. 😨 ⠀

To help reduce plastic waste, consider adopting these simple practices into your everyday life. 🌎⠀

1. Emphasize reduce & reuse⠀
2. Look for recycled goods⠀
3. Know your local recycling rules⠀
4. Be a recycling advocate⠀
5. Avoid buying frozen foods⠀
6. Give up plastic utensils⠀
7. Prepare fresh juices at home⠀
8. #DIY household cleaning products⠀
9. Use cloth diapers⠀

The rest of this must-read article is live on the blog right now! Link in bio → #linkinprofile #wastefree #earthmonth #ecofriendly

📦 Here at #Vitacost, we care about your #health AND the planet. Not only are our boxes filled with #healthy goods, but they're made from 50% post-consumer recycled content, with paper tape and protective paper that's 100% #recyclable, #biodegradable and #sustainable! Of course, there's always room for growth. We continue to research more ways to improve and do our part♻️

@vitacost Looking for a way to celebrate Earth Day? Saying “yes” to just one plant-based meal each day can help reduce your carbon footprint (but 2 or 3 is even better!). Get started with this kid-friendly smoothie bowl.
[Recipe in bio] #linkinprofile #smoothie #ecofriendly #earthday #earthmonth #sustainable #plantbased #green #environmentallyfriendly #carbonfootprint #smoothiebowl #biodegradable
Recipe by: @rawkismet

vitacost If we told you that cutting back on pastries could help save the earth... what would you say? 🌎

OK, well maybe not pastries, specifically, but cutting back on sugary processed foods will indeed benefit the planet. So, if your 2022 resolution is to cut back on the sweet stuff, you'll be benefitting both your health and our home!

Head over to The Upside blog to learn more about the environmental impact of eating sugary and processed foods, plus discover tips for finding balance and alternative ways to serve your sweet tooth! 😋

Article link in bio. #linkinprofile #ecofriendly #ecotips #earthfriendly #healthyliving

vitacost Have you made the switch to a #plantbased diet yet? If so, you’ve likely started to experience the many benefits it offers. 🍽 Stay on track with @blanche_bax's top 10 whole-food, plant-based picks available at Vitacost. Add your favorites in the comments section!
@navitasorganics chia seeds
2️⃣ @califiafarms oat barista blend
3️⃣ @sunwarrior protein warrior blend@pacificfoods organic creamy butternut squash soup
5️⃣ @simplemills organic everything seed flour crackers
6️⃣ @bragg liquid aminos
7️⃣ @explorecuisine organic black bean spaghetti@hippeas_snacks organic white cheddar chickpea puffs
9️⃣ @enjoylifefoods dark chocolate morsels
🔟 @gardenoflife mykind organics B-12 spray

Shop and save on these items at Vitacost and get the full article on The Upside blog! Link in bio.
#linkinprofile #vegan #plantbased

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