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Supplement Spotlight: Twinlab Blutein

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Twinlab Ocuguard® Blutein™

The world demands more, which means many of us spend long hours in front of a screen. Blutein is a unique nutritional formula designed to protect against digital eye strain, while supporting energy and mental alertness.

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Envisioning Better Eye Care

Blurry Vision? Your Tablet May Be to Blame

When is the last time you went more than two hours without glancing at your smartphone, tablet, computer monitor or other electronic device? Don’t be ashamed. You’re not alone. Research shows that the average American can spend up to half a day staring at screens! As everyday tasks - from healthy food shopping to checking the weather - have become increasingly digitized, it’s no wonder you’re spending more and more time online.

What may be surprising are the effects of all this screen gazing. The bright, harsh light emitted from the screens of digital devices, monitors and TVs is called blue light. It reaches deeper into the eye than UV light and can potentially impact important cells in your eyes. Fortunately, news about blue light exposure - and information about how to care for your eyes - is starting to spread.

Shedding light on ‘blue light’

Screens use LED lighting to provide brilliant white color, a result of a large volume of high-energy, short-wavelength light on the electromagnetic light spectrum. There are many categories of light of varying wavelength, color and intensity. But this penetrating light can damage the photoreceptors in eyes.

In fact, excessive blue light may result in increased free radicals in the macular and retina in your eyes. Free radicals are unstable and highly-reactive atoms with unpaired electrons. They steal electrons from other molecules, creating even more free radicals, which can contribute to the damage of cells.

Envisioning better eye care

Eyes are equipped with a nutritional filter made of carotenoids that helps blue light filter through and get absorbed before it reaches the retina at the front of the eye. As a second line of defense, these naturally occurring compounds bind with free radicals produced when blue light does get through, reaching the macula found at the back of the eye.

To support your eye health, you need three key compounds: lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin. You can obtain these through diet and supplementation. Dietary sources include leafy greens, like kale and dandelion leaves, which supply key carotenoids for eye health.

If you choose an eye health supplement, look for a ratio that includes 10 milligrams of lutein and 2 milligrams of zeaxanthin or 20 milligrams of lutein and 4 milligrams of zeaxanthin. These ratios may support visual function under conditions of glare.*

Now, power down your digital device and give your eyes a break!

Article courtesy of Twinlab.

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